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  • hi there tasha, i was just looking at your salon photo's. it is georgeous, im so jealous. i have heshi tan too, loving it!!!
    'Bout ye!!!' ... thanks for joining Irish geeks.. I was a but worried I'd ba left all on my lonesome lol.. By the way your salon is absolutely beautiful.. I LOVE it!! pity you're so far away from me.. it's the type of salon that I'd love to go to to be pampered x x
    Hi hunny, just looked at your website after seeing your thread about being worried about opening. I have to tell you, I absolutely love your salon! It's very similar to the plan I have when I one day open my own! Very luxurious looking! I love the colourplan and the furniture, it looks like I could just sink into the settee and fall asleep!

    Good luck, really hoping it all goes well for you:hug:
    Hi Crystaltash. As others have said it is a quiet time at the moment, but hopefully it will pick up within the next week or so. Advice i would have given all seems to have been given already. The only thing i might be able to advise is, get friendly with a busy hair salon and maybe offer the hairdressers in there some free or discount treatments and then ask them if they would reccommend some of their clients to come to you. We've just celebrated our 2nd year in business and as said previously before, i also think it takes a good couple of years to build up your clientele but if you do a good service then they will stay loyal to you.
    Good luck xxx
    Just wanted to let you know that I've checked out your website your shop looks lovely. Once those customers do come in (and they will) they won't want to leave. x
    im in the big smoke - ballymena!
    where bouts u opening? u'll be grand, get yourself noticed in time 4 xmas then you'll get all ur tans and nails.
    Hi i am in coleraine and trained with s.mill. Im 29 years old and a mobile therapist. Hope things work out for you at work. Big hug
    i am in Coleraine!!! I hope things have been resolved at work. Keep me posted. x
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