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  • Hi Sue, fancy a geek meet at end of April on a Monday? Zizzi are doing vouchers again buy one get one for a £1 :)
    Hello my lovely, how did the school selection go? Did you get your choice? Dont' forget the F/G workshop lol...... have a fab weekend xxx
    Hiya, thanks for the comment of my picture. Well, I don't think I am going to compete with l/p for a while....:) However it was great fun to try and I think I will take a class in l/p, when I get the time...:) I just have to say it again, the workshops in London was a very good idea. I really hope there will be such in Manchester too. I'll be there anyway! :) Hug C.
    Thanx girls. I know u know your stuff but you should have been at the workshops today they were great. Glad you felt the comps were improved. Rach and I have had a lot of positive feedback. Keep it coming and we can feed it bak to the product companies and hopefully get wider support for manchester
    I had a great time! You guys must have worked your butts off because the comps were brilliant this year.
    Every aspect had improved.... that takes some doing.
    Loved it! Can't wait for next time xx
    Hi, i just wanted to say, i really enjoyed the nail comps ( once i got past all the shaking with nerves lol) It was my first time entering, but i thought it was fantastic !!! The trophys and the prizes were amazing from CND and Ezflow, and cant wait for the next one, so thankyou to you and rachel for all your hard work. Haze x
    Crystaltippers love your salon what a good idea might have to speak to my hubby got bags of room for one of these would love it.
    Hi sue Honey If you get a wee min cal you give me a we call again I have a ew questions for you... Ta in advance
    Thanks so much for the treat yesterday Sue. It was really interesting for me to see what it's like and some of the work that's done. Made my first trip to PBN that bit more special for me really. Oh, and watch this space.. Gill x
    Hi Tracy
    OMG divorce, moving!! Hope you are OK. Yep still Rachel regularly, still work with her for comps and ANT etc. Are you still doing nails? Will tell her you said hello. She off to Portugal again this weekend for a few days. Alright for some!!!
    hi hun, not beed on in long time due to moveing house and going through divorce etc, hows things? do you still see rachel much?? tell her i said hi
    maybe we can catch up some time soon
    xxx tracy xxx
    Hiya mate.
    How did it go?
    So sorry I couldn't do yours for you, just about managed the pamper this evening at Pelham!
    Going back to the hospital tomorrow morning as the pain isnt going at all so going to get my back re-xrayed.
    Hi Deb
    Not to worry spoke to Sarah eventually when she responded to PM. Not able to go Monday. But exciting if somewhat terrifying is that tomorrow I'm going to be doing Susannah Constantine's (as in Trinny & Susannah) nails for a programme they doing on a salon owner in B'heath. Got to do full nail art on Susannah and another woman. Aaaaahhh!!!! V Scary but gotta do it, can't miss out on the opportunity I keep being told. All going on camera so hope no shaky hands!! lol. Anyway will let u know how it goes.
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