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  • hi emma
    so sorry that you wasnt able to email me :-(
    email me on lizasmithnails@gmail.com even though the other email should also be ok?
    liza xx
    Hi Liza, I have tried to email you today but the email is bouncing back?! have you changed email address? Thanks
    Hi emma
    its best that you email me on lizasmithbodylines@blueyonder.co.uk as I sometimes dont log onto here for as long as a week.
    As it appears that you dont have a qualification in gel, technically you would need to do a foundation class with us for us to certificate you. however, as you have a reasonale amount of experience with gel, i can do the 1-1 with you to assess your ability.
    We would need between 2 and 3 hrs for this at £45 per hour. you would use all of my products and lamp so that you can "try before you buy" so to speak.
    If you have an acceptable level of ability, I can certificate you once you have purchased the CND lamp and gel products.
    Email me if you have any questions
    Hi the 15th is too short notcie for me to get time off work. Do both those options come with a certificate to say ive qualified? or are they just a kinda refesher course? how much is the lamp ( i have one at the moment that i got through essential nails ) and kit? Emma
    i have a brisa gel basics class on tues 15th nov, which is £72 for the days training and then you will need to get your lamp and kit from sweet squared. Do you have an account with them?
    Or I can do a 1-1 wit you for 2-3 hrs which is £45 per hour and then you can get your kit from sweet squared.
    If you need an account and/or you decide to book onto the gel basics class call sweet squared on 0845 210 6060, or if you want to do the 1-1 call my salon on 01795 420707.
    Let me know which you decide, Liza x
    Hi Emma
    sorry to hear about your experience with education so far :-(
    Where are you based? do you have any other experience in the beauty/nail industry or is this your 1st course?
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