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    Anyone Tried EzFlow Soak-Off gels???

    I have some, they are great. I am wearing the builder soak off at the moment and I have had no lifting. I've had the nails on for 6 weeks and no problems, infilled them once myself. colours are amazing, this opens up to a whole new client base, the gel manicure, my clients love it.
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    EzFlow... Wahaaay!

    Ha Ha, thanks hun, I work hard at it. LOL
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    Uniform V No uniform

    Hi I think branding is very important, I like to see a nicely done embroided logo on a white t shirt and black apron. Branding is very important to any business. I think that tunics give a fabulous professional image for a beauty therapist but not needed at all for nail techs. If our clients...
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    Hi Gilly The next design class is 26th May at Red10. Regards

    Hi Gilly The next design class is 26th May at Red10. Regards
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    Ezflow Roadshow Rotherham

    Wow guys what a day. Thanks to all who joined us and I look forward to seeing you all at the next event.
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    Ez Flow training in Lincs???

    Hi I have just read this post, my email address is I don't have access to the other email any more. My apologies if you have been trying to contact me.
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    Ezflow Roadshow Rotherham

    Hi guys We have had a change of plan on the comps, they are all in the morning. The rules will be out Monday morning. If you want them emailing, let me know. We thought it would be better for the girls who want to compete to be able to attend the road show in the afternoon. Letters...
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    Comment by 'curly shirley' in media 'BLACK GRAPES'

    Thanks hun, I have only just found out how to download them.
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    Comment by 'curly shirley' in media 'Pics sept 069' Hi geeks, What do you think?
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  12. Pics sept 069

    Pics sept 069

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