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  • Thanks for the rep! I always get a bit fed up with immigrant bashing; I think we can often look a lot closer to home for the cause of the UK's problems!!
    hi hun yeh i got my cosmo prof card , lol she believed me when i presented her with a stack of certificates , lol , it a really good store x
    My oldest daughter (36) has cury wild hair as well, shes learned how to handle it, though she is always wanting me to chemicaly straighten it and I hate to because she also gets color and highlights.
    Hi, Thanks for letting me know, I'm going to check it out now. Thanks for the rep I'm just starting to found out how things work on this site. Its fun and educating.
    Hi, I posted on your thread last week about this site not fitting on your screen. Did you get a chance to read it. I also would like to find a better way then having to pull down the PAGE at the top of my screen and ZOOM to 75%. If you find a better way please let me know too.
    HI Alex, hope your well. Thankx for the comments on Morgandie...yes, more gorgeous and more cheeky every day! I know what you mean re the S-gel. It can still get pretty bad. I've manged to minimise it by having 2 pots. I have a small 4g working pot and a 10g top up pot, and I just refill the 4g pot from the 10g, so I can keep the 10g closed as much as possible. It still gets slightly thicker towards the end in the 4g, but not as bad as it would in a 10g pot. I know what you mean about not wanting to do without it.....I couldn't either! xx
    Hehe, thanks. I used to be a graphic designer and was just playing about. The business name isn't 'live' yet, as I haven't qualified in L+P or Gel yet but I wanted a cool signature and intend to use it when I do start in the business :D
    Hiya hun....I haven't! I have been away on a very boozy hen weekend with 9 other girls in Valencia, and decided to sort them out when I got back! TBH my old ones still have some life left, but I am just glad I decided to check the new ones otherwise I wouldn't have known. The 'brand' on the bulbs is different although the rating is exactly the same, so I may try and track down the original brand. Will keep you in touch. Hope you're well xx
    Aww, bless ya hun you are very welcome....I just thought they were really nice! Too many ultra bright white square tips with tiny nail beds around for my liking...I like something that looks natural but 'classy'! IYKWIM! Hope you Ok xxx
    cheers for the rep....wish I followed my own advice I have put on a few pounds since that post lol!!
    Back to the gym for me!!!!!
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