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    Hiya Champagne, Not sure if you have had your first iontophoresis appointment yet. I have...

    Hiya Champagne, Not sure if you have had your first iontophoresis appointment yet. I have been having this treatment for underarm sweating for about three weeks now. I am now having once weekly appointments and it is AMAZING. I have almost no underarm sweating at all and I have been wearing...
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    Spray tan models in Northants

    I dont mind being a guinea pig for you lol. do you work mobile. im in wootton fields.
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    Exfoliating gloves

    I bought my last pair from Sallys. i use them for myself and am constantly putting them through the wash, they have lasted for well over a year and im sure they were only a couple of quid.
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    Partner walked out on me and kids - want to develop my career

    Thank you for everyones messages of support. Am starting my personal statement for university tonight after kids have gone bed. I'm so excited and all my friends and family that I have told about this course think it is the ideal option for me. Ex-partner is trying to take himself on...
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    Partner walked out on me and kids - want to develop my career

    Thanks guys. My feelings exactly Kim - great minds think alike. I would love to carry on doing treatments forever, but only very part time - I love the time I spend with clients, but something about it just isn't enough for me. I love the dream of working for a multi-national company and...
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    Partner walked out on me and kids - want to develop my career

    Hi Guys, Last week my partner of nine years deceided to walk out on me and our two kids (2 and 5 years).:eek: This came out of the blue and I don't think he is coming back and to be honest I don't think I want him back! At the moment I work about 16 hours as a mobile therapist around the...
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    Going to check out a room today - Advice please.

    Hi Guys, I have finally found a room (infact two) available within an established hairdressers. The previous therapist had to leave due to a change in her circumstances and hair clients have been enquiring about treatments ever since - so looks pretty promising. I have spent the week checking...
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    Level 3 - why so popular?

    I recently loooked into doing a level 4 course. I have always loved education (since leaving school that is!). There are so many new courses in our industries that really help to open up career prospects now. Unfortunately due to family commitments and finances I cant do any more structured...
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    Indian Head Massage When Pregnant ?

    Indian Head Massage was my last unit at college, and i was 8 months pregnant when i did that unit, and therefore had loads of IH massages (and carried out loads with BIG bell in way - lol). Just make sure you don't feel dizzy when you have completed the treatment, and be aware of the need to...
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    Home Salon in a Conservatory

    Thanks guys - certainly some good points to consider. This is the only way I could work from home at the moment as there is no room for a cabin and I am not able to convert our garage as it is on a long lease because it has a flat built over the top of it. Got a conservatory salesperson coming...
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    Home Salon in a Conservatory

    Due to the pinch of the housing crisis and credit crunch, I have had to put off my plan to move to a larger house and install a garden studio to work from :cry:, therefore we have come up with the only possible alternative which is to get a small conservatory built on the back of the house...
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    Facial steroid swelling - facial required

    I have got a client that has booked in with me for a eyebrow shape and basic facial. She has swelling on her face as she is taking steroids for rhuematoid arthritis (sp). I have told the client that I will tweeze the brows in order to err on the side of caution incase there is any thinning...
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    Nuisance Calls?

    I've had three or four calls in the last fortnight aksing if I want to sell my buisness. I just get them of the phone asap, - as far as i'm concerned all marketing calls are nuisence calls as a client may be trying to make an appointment. They have just been saying they have got my number from...
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    How not to do it ?

    Another prime example of why professional products should not be on sale to Joe Bloggs...
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    fishy pedicure!

    Yuck - I am PETRIFIED of live fish touching my skin, just reading that article has given me goosebumps. Sorry fish peds are not for me - i'll do my own hard skin removal thanks.