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  • Hi Curvy Girl

    I just read a thread you posted pics on from back in 2012 when you did your HD brow training and as I am considering doing the training I wondered whether you thought it was worth the cost? It seems people make their money back fairly easily, but how easy is it to master?
    Hi looking at a thread you posted pics of your room where did you get the black wall thing that holds your foils that's next to your shellac wall holder ?

    Many thanks
    Hi. I saw your pic in the thread what nails are you sporting today and just looked through your album. Your work is amazing. I wish I could be that good. How do you get the polish so perfect? I do place the brush in the middle and push it down so it fans out but I just can't get it perfect. I have been practising like mad and its driving me crazy as I'm a perfectionist. Do you have any tips?
    Selling and buying is not permitted on Salon Geek. Please try The Beauty Guild which has a classifieds section.
    Hi curvy girl

    Just looking through konad thread & found your jigsaw stamp nails, love them! Just getting started with nails, just in process of completing CND L&P, have had my konad stamp for over 12 months been to scared to have a play! Anyway just got them out today and love them, but, I struggled trying to get full coverage and my nails are not the long? Is there a knack to getting full stamp on entire nail?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi no I didn't.. I don't believe in it at all. IMO for what its worth - I really think it's just a brow tint and wax (I don't understand why you'd have the need to wax, thread and tweeze!) all wrapped up in a higher rip off price.. The tint is just the usual tint you'd use in general beauty tinting, so lasts no longer.. As I say, just my opinion. I also think its kind a big gimic, that's why the training is so so expensive.. So they're cashing in before everyone realises its just a big rip off.
    Hi, sorry to bother you, I have seen you have done HD training, I am booked on tomorrow but nobody has sent me that much info yet, do I need to go dressed in all black? What did you wear, thanks xx
    Since i moved not been on as much, seems one thing or another, hows you? missed the name thread, xxx
    just thought i'd leave a quick message, your home salon is gorgeous and i am in love with your nails, especially the matte black french!xxx
    Hi are you still waiting to hear about the font that was used on your logo, if so it is Scriptina. (I do graphic design)
    hi honey how do u apply ur swarvoski crystals with ur shella xx also howe did ur hd go im going back too retrain x
    Ha ha! You've changed your avatar! now I know who you are! Hope you are enjoying your HD brows course!! ;)
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