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  • yeah thats fine if i do get hold of sean before then i will of course let you know i really do appreciate your help thank you
    Hi again, unfortunately I'm not going to be able to take on any new work until after the Beauty UK show at the end of the month, is that OK?
    Cool - glad that was of help; it does make sense to ask Seanny to do the changes if he already designed the site for you though - especially as he'll be more au fait with what he needs to do (as I think he uses 1and1 a fair bit for his sites)...
    Hiya, just saw your message on my page; I have checked and your website is currently hosted with 1and1; if I were you, I would recommend the following steps:

    (1) Buy a new domain name with 1and1, e.g. shereesbasicbeauty.co.uk - and get 1and1 to make this the main domain name for your site instead of callcuticles.co.uk

    (2) Set up web forwarding so anyone entering callcuticles.co.uk into their web browser will be directed to shereesbasicbeauty.co.uk instead

    (3) Update the content on your site (e.g. the logo at the top of the page etc) so that every mention of "Call Cuticles" is replaced with "Sheree's Basic Beauty".

    Incidentally, isn't your site one of Seanny's? I would have thought he would have been able to help you with this if he is still doing websites...

    I am located in Hartlepool, where abouts are you? I dont have any hair station or anything, i have a spray tan room, the beauty room and then the main reception area and waiting area. x
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