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    room wanted

    i am a qualified and fully insured beauty nail therapist i also do reiki i am looking for room to rent in or around northampton i have all my own products,please view web-site for details of treatments offered.or e-mail me or call sheree on 07763065618 thank youHome -...
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    reiki chakra healing

    Sheree's Basic Beauty CASE STUDIES NEEDED I am training in Reiki and chakra healing and need case studies.....if you are interested in jioning me alone my journey please inbox me or e-mail or call me 07763065618 please leave name contact details and brief message,
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    Australian BodyCare Hy-Wax system

    hi i use this system and have done for many years now and dont use oil just cleanse skin apply wax remove wax and use aftercare, as for temp i have the old stlye heater so cant comment on the new one contact abc im sure they will tell you the average temp used, do you like the heater(well when...
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    hi anyone on here know of a good accountant northampton area please :eek:
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    BaByliss Pro Satin Smooth Double Wax Heater

    as i mobile(salon as well)i really find that the tube method austrailian body or phd so much better and sfer no pots of wax spilling everywhere and its more hygienic to
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    Gelish Help :(

    nail harmony are the suppliers in the uk and they are very helpful and take time to answer anything you may need to ask fast delivery excellent service fab fab company
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    spa uniforms

    hi can anyone suggest a goos site for spa uniforms/tunics i have looked on all the usally one but not founf what im looking for i dont want the usally beauty uniform but something more holistic if that makes sense
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    Phd jpod

    i would say its to small i use australian body(tube system like phd) i do both mobile and salon i dont think i could cope with just 1 tube warming at a time.
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    UV lamp for Gelish?

    tell you what ill swim out there for the led lamp im that excited about getting one,i love gelish fab colours,
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    UV lamp for Gelish?

    i to am using my brisa lamp cant wait for the led lamp to come out tho
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    Free gelish course

    i live in northampton cant wait till you do a course up here i will be first on llist like all other gelish users
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    Anyone had their fortune told and did it come true?

    a good phsyic would not give you a negative reading but warn you against possible misfortune ect i have had a few readings which have come true to some degree but whether this was because you look for opportunities that match what they say or fate who knows i would not go back to anyone that...
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    Please Help! Just about to crack up....

    first let me say i dont agree with five min wounders (cowboys or girls ) BUT i feel the world is in the state its in because of all this snobbery yes everyone needs really good training and lots of practise but in a society where most peeps work alone now its sad that when peeps come on here for...
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    What would you do...

    if she does show up do her nails as usual but when it comes to next appointment ask for a deposit explaining about your not being able to fill spaces when she cancells i have it written on my price list and in salon that if more than 1 appointment is cancelled a deposit will be charged to ensure...
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    Trade Association number?

    hi i e mailed eve taylor with regards to this and heres thier reply hth. You can still login and register, do you have inse. if so type company, if you are not inse. the type none. Please do not type in a No. there Regards Jean