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  • Both are excellent but Seale Bond is a medium viscosity adhesive and Gel Bond of course is thick. Both last the same it is really a matter of preference.
    I use performance tips almost exclusively now. I even use them with Shellac. They will last a good 3 weeks on me with shellac if not to long so I see no reason why they would not be fine with a SOG. xx
    It's in Enfield, North London, when you call we will send confirmation and directions with all details xxx 0800 0148300
    Hi Jackie, we are holding another FREE Gelish day on 16th August!! Can you get childcare? It's only 11am-3pm?
    Let me know; it's £10 to attend but you claim that back on anything spent...x
    It is a very easy systekm, my 13 year old is doing it, so even if you only qualified 1 weeek ago it's fine. xx
    Bucket bags available form Sweet Squared 08452106060 ... you need to ring and register with them to open an account.

    I know many Calgel users who are very happy with the system ... go with them.
    Hello Jacks
    I wished I had taken the course but never did, i just bought the manual after i had passed my gel assesment. I think when you pay for the course you also need to buy all your manicure bits, which is a good idea as you can get cracking straight away with paying clinets once you have passed. A few people on my course did say that they wished they had not bought all the bio produces as other on the market might be cheaper ( like the cream for massaging, oil thends to work really well too and alot cheaper). Personally I would have still done the course just to make sure all the techniques i use are consistantly done the Bio way. Good luck with it all - you will certainly earn a few penneis for yourself - I know i am :).
    Hi Jacks,
    I can fully understan your hubby's aprehention which clearly shows he cares for you.
    The reality is that it is generally safe..there are thousands of mobile tecks out there..remember that you will have the customers details so they are going to have to be bonkers to try do something silly...just keep a record sheet in the kitchen so hubby can track you if you are late or anthing.
    Avoid doing males on their own initially and concentrate on females and couples..once you get to know the guy then if he wants doing on his own then you will at least know him.
    Really if you are sensible there is little to worry about.
    Asking local salons is also a good way of boosting your buisness so good idea
    best regards and wishes
    Just like Sherrie said, you have to be careful but i have never had any probs. All my clients are word of mouth, and a friend of a friend or client.
    The only thing about working in one of the Salons you will have to pay rent! With mobile, no rent but you do have petrol to pay for, so it could balance them selfs out!!!
    I wouldn't let the thought of a few dodgy clients put you off, as you could also get them going to a salon as well.

    Hiya, you do need to be a bit careful but i have never had a problem. Normally it is ladies that I spray, I do get the odd man but they are generally sprayed along with their wives/girlfriends, have had one odd email from a man asking if I would tan him, told him yes but i'd have my husband waiting in the car and never heard from him again. To be honest I wouldnt let it put you off, If you are wary then either dont go or tell them they need to have a lady present or you'll take your hubby with you, if they are fine with that they are not an oddball lol, I normally tell my hubby where I am going and what time he can expect me back just to be on the safe side too but I really dont think about wierdo's anymore - I'm probably wierder than most of them! lol. You can generally guage from the initial phone or email contact if they are wierd or not :) go for it! and yes I do only spray tans mobile x
    sorry hun i dont do spray tanning - try jaffacake she may be able to help you xxxx good luck xxxxxx
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