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  • Hi.. thanks x

    I chose which part of the lace I wanted and stuck it to the tip with resin before putting the tip on the nail. I obviously trimmed it very carefully around the smile line and used tips with a nice deep smile. Then overlayed in clear after I'd put on what dots and glitter I wanted.
    lol know that feeling although my cakes are cutard creams!!! lol well a cuppa isn't the same without one and with all the cold I have been drink far to many of those too hehe.
    Hi sorry about the delay in replying..........yes Woodbrige is excellnt that is 10 mins away from really, i'm in the centre of ipswich! xx
    Hi hun thanks for your comment, the flowers are just 3D stickers I bought from Nailtopia simple but pretty.
    Good for you they are quite a bargain really. Just watch out for the emails you will get loads of em and did you read the small print about newsleter or something - do a search on vista print you will see loads of threads in particular look out for something to do with signing up to a monthly whatever (cant remeber to be honest) just know a few peeps got caught out and ended up paying £10 a month without realising it. Take care x
    your welcome also I forgot to include I also got bis/appt cards done at vista print great for starting out as a good selection of free ones. Good Luck hun. xx
    Your welcome hun hope it goes well for you, let me know if there is anything else I can help with. I'm no expert but we can throw ideas around :)
    I know it's really fun, isn't it? However decorating the house is artistic too! I love decorating the house because it refreshes my mood, so I'm sure that you are having a great time! Good luck tommorow with the pedicures and make sure you find some time to play with acrylics because I'm sure you'll do a great job as you have lots of imagination!
    Personally, I'm just resting at home because unfortunately I have some stomach disorders, nothing serious but it's very annoying trying to make the day only with soups! lol
    Thank you for the comment you're so sweet :-)
    but rest assured that I have a long way to go yet!
    How are you doing by the way?
    Yep I knew it was somewhere near. lOl Thanks for the add. :-) Love the ladybird nails. What gr8 fun to do. :-)
    Hey :-) I'm in Newmarket. I've heard of Woodbridge but can't get my bearings and figure out where it is. :-)
    I'm sure you'll do great as you have lots of imagination!! I read that you also do reiki healing,it must be very interesting!Does it work as well as they say?
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