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  • It is great can not see what it says in the middle though. I sooooooooooo love leopard print! x
    Hi Daisydo, thank you, my photographer friend made it for me, I think she was pretty impressed with Shellac and it fits in with my very leopardy nail station and uniform :) x
    The other thing I was thinking would you like to do a service swap. I hate doing my nails and can't find anyone here to do them. What you think?
    What a shame don't tell me that people are wanting more shellac grr! I don't find it as good as bio. Are most of your clients English or Spanish? Am going to be opening my shop in altea. How do you market your bio gel services? I am pushing the treatment side of things with extensions and nail bitters etc ave a loo at my site let me know what you think. Cats it nit fin yet so poco poco. What gels are you wanting to sell? Xx
    Wow where? I still have not booked exam but will be doing it in Alicante. I am struggling a little as I never really get asked for extensions so am not getting the practice in with sculpting. I am also finding that most of my clients now all want shellac or gelish so I am a bit gutted I have invested so much money in the gels, even thinking about trying go sell kit if interested, I have lots of colours x
    Hi sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I am trying to get to grips with the geek site and didn't see your reply. I did my exam The other week was a bit scary as I did it at one of their open days and had the whole of the room watching me. But I passed so am over the moon. I then went and did a refresher course with manicura Belen in murcia. She is amazing and the tips she gave me about stuff was great. When are you doing your exam? Ugh thus week I have also taken the big plung and decided to open a bio sculpture salon here in Spain. So full steam ahead. Let me know if you need anything.
    Cat x
    Hi I have not taken final exam yet but I know they want full set of sculptured French extensions, it is all in the manual what they are looking for. Where are you going for exam? Do you know where and when the meet is? X
    Thanks for getting back to me. I have my exam booked with bio sculpture Spain next week. The exam has suprised me as they have only asked me to do a full set of sculptures. I did my training in the UK just before Xmas and still haven't done my exam with them as I have been moving and other life things that have got in the way. Would you suggest that I go and do my exam in the UK as well. Can you let me me know what they are looking out for here when doing the exam.
    Where are you based and will you be coming to the Spanish geek meet?
    Thanks chick
    I'm cat and I too live here in Spain villajoyosa. I see you do bio sculpture me too. I am new to the industry though. I wondered if you have any tips for me as I need to build up a customer base and really don't know where to start. I have looked about for nail tech job but there is nothing around. Any advice would be great. Also did you do all your training in the Uk or here?
    Your 'bar' goes up the more posts you make :)
    How far is San Javier from Alicante airport?
    I'll make a 'Spanish Geeks' group, under the Groups tab :D x
    hey :D Where are you in Spain?
    of course I don't mind you messaging me, any time! :)
    You can set up a 'group' if you're a premium geek... I can always do it if you're not a Premmie.
    Hi Daisydo! I was wondering if you could tell me where you obtained permission to use the minx design images on your website? Looks fab!
    Hi, I do base coat, cure for 10 seconds, then a layer of negligee and sprinkle with glitter, clean up the sides and any excess glitter and cure for 2 mins, lightly brush off any more excess glitter and do top coat then cure for 2 mins, 2nd top coat layer and cure again for 2 mins and tadaaaarrrrrrrrr all done.. Just make sure there are no jagged edges from the glitter, if so gently file with a 280 grit and hey presto. Good Luck, let me know how you get on xxxxx
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