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  • Hi Smooth
    Yes, I have my own MediSpa called bareaesthetics based in staffordshire. How about yourself. X
    Hi Daisyl

    Just thought I'd say hi as we seem to be from the same background and in the same working environment! do you have your own clinic or work for someone?
    I think so too - I think her responses were just to save face so to speak, as the comments showed - completely out of her depth. Keep in touch. Is always nice to exchange views and opinions. X
    I agree. There's no way they would say what they apparently did! I suspect the person in question has probably only just trained in the procedures. xx
    Hello from one Aesthetic NIP to another!

    Just been reading your comments Re: Remote prescribing on another nurse's post. I would have commented in support of everything you said but the thread is closed....so I stopped by to say hello instead!
    I've noticed that he's now purposefully ressurected any old thread he can where you've posted advice in order to give his opinion about how irresponsable it is to diagnose online (as though general advice is diagnosis!)...he's so predictable!!

    I don't think he realises the irony of claiming others are "jumping on his opinions" considering his first post in the mineral cleanser thread! I don't see why he can't have a difference of opinion without doing so in such a offensive manner; I think he generally speaks before he thinks.
    Thanks for the rep! It just gets a little tiresome sometimes reading posts about salons setting up & then two weeks later they want to know why they don't have a full client list. I also find it a counter-productive attitiude to accept being quiet just because "everyone else is"!
    Thank you for the rep Daisy x
    (yes, I have absolutely no ambition to become a dentist!)
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