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  • Gee whiz its like the blind leading the blind! i cant find you! haha, i think there is three lila vernon its my pic from here :)
    Bet your super exited, be lovely romantic break as well as the wedding. xxx
    Ah thank you, it must not have been me as I've the same pic up as on here, Lila Vernon? When you off to London? Hope you had a lovely evening xx
    Spring??? Where??? It's snowed here, today. OMG... It's SO cold, here. I think the Easter Bunny is going to have to borrow Santa's sleigh!

    Did you have a fun birthday? :)
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Carolyn
    Happy birthday to you xxxxxxx
    Oh wow congratulations that's lovely :) my parent had there 40th three years ago, they are still very much in love which is nice.
    What are your plans? How lovely just after your birthday to xx
    Ohh lots to look forward to :) what anniversary is it may i ask? What plans do you have for your birthday? And thank you, love yours to :) xx
    Hello, thank you for the friend request. I hope you are well and having a really good week. Xxx
    Thank you. My recovery is going brilliantly so far. Much better than expected. I hope that you are well. X
    Thanks Dandy, i have been on here a bit but it seemed totally alien, hence my 'good old times' thread. Xxx
    Thankyou for yours too, I feel terrible if my post come across bad! Hope I didn't sound like I was xx
    Oh I only done it in my NVQ never actually done it with clients ect, so any advice is much appricated :) xxxx
    Hiya! London was amazing as usual. We always make it into a proper break when the beauty shows are on and I love it more each time we go. I was very naughty and treated myself to a new watch whilst there and we also went to The Playhouse to see Spamalot, which was really good. I love those atmospheric old buildings and have delusions of grandeur that some day I will enjoy a performance from my very own private box!
    I expect the skyline will appear very different to you after 25 years. The London Eye, The Shard and The O2 etc all wouldn't have been there. You must be very excited.x
    I no what you mean about the sun, makes everything seem better.
    Hope all goes well for your Mum and you ;)
    have a lovely weekend too x x x
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