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  • you too lovely. i often talk about you to my mum which is strange considering I've never met you but that's cos you have a positive and uplifting impact on me. Who'd of thought our friendship would have started over a payroll/pay/employment status question :) x x x
    I'm doing better. I'm currently battling rebound migraines. They're debilitating. As soon as one ends, another begins.
    ps sorry couldn't private message you or reply on my blog lovely but my phone is not letting me post on either! X x x
    hello lovely lady thank you for my messages means alot my lovely it really does.
    So an update not good unfortunately my sisters alternative chemo drugs didn't work either, same reaction, so this means she can't have any more chemo. So they are bringing forward the radiotherapy but at least the herceptin is still working. She'll see the consultant next week.
    More sad news (god you'll wish you never asked lol) sadly nan died this morning at home. Autopsy being done in a few days time. My poor mum feel even more for her. Apparently nan had been much better lately even went to have her hair done yesterday, i suspect she was getting herself ready for grandad. He died at home too eight years next month, he obviously came to get her.
    Well lovely I'm ok sad yes but nan has joined her husband who she desperately missed.
    Hope you're ok lovely and feeling ok too. I'm off to work tomorrow morning yay and tonight celebrating Hubby's birthday a day earlier so I'm gonna munch my way through a family pack of beef monster munch whilst watching Sherlock on dvd with Hubby. Love to you as always my friend x x x
    hello honey! yes big day tomorrow, mum is down from London to help eeeek! Who knows if anyone will turn up, but will be great to spend some times with Mum who I've not seen since NYE, so if nothing else she'll go home with some fab Minx toes and a negligee Shellac mani! Thanks for remembering my lovely lady. Hope you're well. Much love xxx
    It's virtually black! i've had it months and months and cant remember which one but looking at website id say vehement, gaze looks a bit natural for me, you'll love it!! i find an angled brush best (small) x
    hello my lovely! I have been trying to send you a message for days, my phone is playing up on geek so hopefully this one will get to you! Third time lucky lol!
    Lol no I'm a bull birthday on the twenty six but the best people are born in April. . . Lol and may aka my son on the seventh my mum on the eighth ;)
    things going well my end, spending far too much time awake but I'm busy with flyers and posters and my new kids glitter nails and tattoo parties and of course my open day. I now have the mayor and mayoress attending as well as a local mp . . . Star studded event no less lmao! My mojo is well and truly back and I'm loving it. Still OCDing like the clappers but whats new lol! Still no hot water or heating but waiting for parts!
    So much more to write but ill stop now and see if this bloody thing sends.
    Love to you missus x x x
    hi d poppy, ( too lazy to type your full name, now you like p diddy only cooler ha ha) thanks for friendship request buddy.
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