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  • Only just saw this... we all looked rather spiffing I must say. Sporting a hangover today after a very bad night in Chester. Got in at 3am, just couldn't take anymore :-( LOL x
    Lmao just blame happyfeet if you come acropper ;)
    Oh don't i hope so I'm starting to realise at 30 I'm no longer daaarrn wiv da kids!! I'm only doing rockstar with polish and lumos thankfully so only got two hours there lmao! Business last week or so has been good, godsend at xmas i tell you!
    Off up to London straight after to go an shellac and minx my sis, didn't plan on being up before Christmas but Anna has lost her hair now and wants some glamorous nails for xmas so the fairy nail mother is off to do some magic. Not being picked up by Mr happyfeet till one am so think tomorrow is gonna be a loooong one still least get some more time with mum tomorrow night as sadly nan been taken back into hospital last night and we may loose her in the next few days :( where is the bloody alcohol when you need it! Anyway Sunday shall be spent with my feet firmly up, mulled wine in one hand Mr happyfeets hand in the other and a day full of dvds! Heaven.
    Anyway my lovely enjoy your pimms i bloody love that stuff have a few for me ;) love n hugs x x x
    It would surely be rude not too!
    I'm on the coffee drank whole bottle of mulled wine the other night along with large portion of panetone and Mr happyfeet is on lates tonight and have a rockstar nail party for eight twelve year olds tomorrow at 1030 so a clear head is a must, in truth i have no alcohol in the house and thats my only real reason for behaving ;)
    Thank you your post was fantastic to.I've tried to rep you aswel twice for two separate subjects but it basically told me I need to spread the love as I have rept you a few times lol xxx
    . . . so you'll be squeezed like a sausage in to your dress then ;)
    second glass of mulled wine, second slice of panetone. . . Bloody good job I'm not fitting in to any dress this festive season x o x o x
    hello my lovely lady! How are you? I'm fine just spent a lovely girlie Christmas day with mum who's just gone back to London, also saw my beautiful boy at his school nativity play and now resting with a tasty glass of mulled wine;) business is picking up which is good and really pleasing :)
    hope you're feeling bit better my lovely and thank you for the message. Love n hugs x x x
    Ahh thanks lovely. Me too, no time for this!! Why do we always get ill at our busiest times? My poor boy is bored out of his brains but I just can't move, ache so bad and my head feels like it's going to go bang every time I do move. Hoping my hubs will be home soon so my little one can get some attention! Thanks for your message xx :hug:
    hello honey how you? How yu feeling too? I'm much better thank you back is doing well :) unfortunately have been grinding teeth rather badly at night apparently lmao and have managed to bite sides of my tongue so not much fun talking. . . Though rest of the happyfeets say that's a good thing! Off to do two fairs this weekend one in ramsgate town centre (cold! But bought lovely fluffy Santa hat to keep me warm lol) and one in doors thankfully in westgate on Sunday night so pooped by Monday me thinks :) other than that alls going well my end just watching ;) Sam and Steven put the xmas tree up and me and the doggie are snuggled and keeping out of the way ha ha. Hope you're well hun and by the way love the new profile pic. . . Mr dande buying you early xmas present lmao ;) thanks for the message my lovely. Love n hugs x x x
    Hey mums :D Things are levelling out here sort of - MrB has another hospital app in February to discuss operation options so we will be able to settle life down then hopefully.Hoping my internet stops playing up now so will be able to be more active again :D How are you and my virtual dad xxxx
    Hello! thank you for the lovely message! i am good thank you. had a while away from salong geek but im back on it now :) xx
    i know I'm truly jealous of those 'tired' people. . . My husband would sleep anywhere given the chance at any given time! Makes me sick lmao!
    Oh dear sorry to hear you've not been fairing too well with the meds :( hope you get it sorted after xmas my lovely this has been going on to long aye.
    Awww you should come and see me long trek i know but i bet we'd have a fabulous night out afterwards ;) x x x
    hello my lovely! How you? Well the back bum is almost back to normal great news! Plans are coming on great and already planning facial training for next year. Looking at algologie and vine secret range and had a few samples today to try. Think this will go great with my mini spa cabin. If i win the lottery i may even venture into body wraps but thats a way off yet lol! Other than that getting along just fine and bloody glad its the weekend with lay ins in sight as back to crap sleeping :( how you doing now have you been to see the docs? Anyway you have an fantastico weekend! Love n hugs x x x
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