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  • hello lovely! Went to bed late last night but slept like a baby! Have Hubby home for a few busy days so all is good :) how you honey? Hope you're keeping well missus big x
    Thanks for the feedback. It's always great to hear something like that.
    If you think any of the products would suit you - let me know and I can send you some free samples.
    Thank you, Carolyn. He's amazing. Your grandmother was very inspirational, too. I love to hear about strong women!
    Sorry just saw your message about Binky. He is the little monkey in my avatar picture but I love him to bits :)
    Vicki xx
    Awww hun sounds marvellous have a fabulous time :) just got in from seeing tin tin in 3d with my boys as its half term and we've been married six months! :) :)
    well my lovely enjoy yourself relax and unwind and blow the cobwebs away. Love n hugs x x x
    hello my lovely how you? Bit quiet on the client front but hoping to pick up some on Sunday when i hold a stall at health and wellbeing fair!
    Got bed to myself tonight as Hubby away which is lovely in one way but do miss him bless :)
    hope yu doing ok lovely lady.
    Love n hugs x x o
    hello missus i am currently driving myself mad with updating and revamping my website... hubby has banned me from asking him what he think lmao! oh bless you! im sure your polishing is lovely. Christ alive if my polishing was anything like my cutting in id sure be in the wrong job ha ha ha. have a lovely weekend my lady. love n hugs xxx
    you lead a very exciting social life missus my high light tonight is a Chinese in bed all to myself watching body farm then dci banks ha ha. Hope you had a fab time missus and all is ok with you. Sis has her op tomorrow :( but have just sent her a funny video to make her smile.
    Thanks for the message honey big x
    ah thank you my lovely! Yes i love the pedi's never knew how much i loved feet! Didn't think i would ever overtake my mani fetish ha ha. Hope you're ok love n hugs x x x
    Thanks for your lovely compliment! I've been working like a mad thing on various IT projects of late, which is why I haven't been around so much; people keep throwing work at me, and I'd be silly to turn it down given the state of the economy!
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