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  • Ah no i hope she isn't, poor lady, its a worry when they get to that age bless, foot still sore, feel like ill never wear heels again.
    Ive got this cold to just wont go.
    Sending hugs your way hope all ok x x x x
    ps thanks for the heart x x x
    Evening, thanks for the heart and what a lovely thread about chit chat, think we all needed a lovely post like that x x x
    Ahh thanks its nice to be on more ive missed it, glad your cold is over the worst too.
    Yes my little princess has turned into well!!! hmm better not say ;) any tips pass them my way :) x x x
    Hey you :) I'm an impatient lady in waiting! Just want my little man to arrive mind you not long 4th of may is birth-day- hopefully home birth day. Weve decided to call him Maxim with my maiden name of Leigh as his middle name just like his big brother. I've been quite poorly with SPD all to do with the pelvis :( not to mention all the other glorious and glamourous pregnancy ailments but I don't care this soooo worth it. Can't tell you how excited I am eeeeek! Any who how are you my darling? Sorry I've not been in touch much I'm on the app mainly so don't get a chance to come on this bit much. Hope you, Mr dpoppy and Elsie are all well. So lovely to hear from you. Much love as always xxxxx
    hiya Dandelionpoppy :) how are you? did you have a good Christmas and new year? all the best for 2014 x
    hi dpoppy, |I hope you are getting into the festive mood, how is neals yard going for you? This week so the quiet before the storm, i don't mind. off to do a bit of shopping tomorrow, got a parcel off to herself in Oz so that's gone at least....no santa in our house now...a bit sorry but glad that after 20 years I'll get more than 2 hours sleep xmas eve. :)
    hello mdahling, how are you getting on ? I hear the UK is going to get Arctic this weekend, our weather isnt promised too bad, I got a few bags of coal though , just in case. if that fails I'll have my wooly knickers on. I was dosed the last 2 weeks, coughing like fag ash lil at night which was a pain as I couldnt sleep. so I was a narky madam . havent started shopping yet but really need to get something sorted this week for Megan or she wont get it till the new year, .was out on a staff night saturday , had a few glasses of mulled wine, my first time, it was delicious, had some last night too and might have a little snifter tonight as well...medicianl you understand. ( i think the alcohol gets burned off it ) lol. What about yourself , do you have many to buy for? x
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