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  • hello my lovely thank you for your lovely message. I'm ok just getting on have kept myself busy with nails this afternoon still at it now:) had a little bubble of panic rise up a minute but baited it down can't be doing with that! All feels very strange but must keep positive. Have to say this is the most unpositive I've felt so far not that I'd ever let my sister know that. Keeping busy and thank god for prozac but will give myself time to think and breathe soon. Thanks again my lovely love n hugs x x x
    Hi Carolyn, I don't think I am receiving any at the moment and experiencing problems. My bt account keeps telling me my email account is full, so if SG uses this as part of the emails, (if you understand me) then this is probably the reason why. How very annoying. I've tried deleting some emails from the bt account but still having problems, so I think I have to pay for more space. You could try sending it to enticehairandbeauty@btconnect.com if you wish but not sure if this will work either. So sorry, I'll look into it tomorrow x
    glad this one much better than the last :) good hear bookings for later in the week hun :) enjoy your hair appt i soooo need to have mine coloured my roots literally scream in your face lmao! Love n hugs to you missus and thank you for the lovely messages you're a true friend x x x
    Awww thank you honey i can't wait. Currently tucked up in bed with a cuppa tea with my clothes all laid out about to get some beauty sleep i can't wait :) sending big hugs to you you lovely lady and thank you for all the lovely messages too. Love n hugs x x x
    No problem hun! Awwwww poor you. Hope the quacks can get it sorted for you soon honey, not a bore at all just a poorly flipper :( love n hugs missus xxxx
    Is your avatar photo of you? it's a little out of focus (or is that me being tired lol) but if it is, it's really lovely x
    I'm loving the avatar missus! Saw it earlier and that ooooh sexy lady! All is good here minx arriving tomorrow Mr happyfeet just rolled his eyes when i told him lmao! Hope youre good hun Fri tomorrow woop woop. Love n hugs x x x
    really was my pleasure xxx your post was total common sense sadly lacking in most of the threads these days xxx
    ah thanks hun lmao don't know about that i can hope :) hope you're good an had a nice weekend. Love n hugs x
    Made me chuckle honey, classy moi, no no, I aspire to be but have many off days! - thank you x
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