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  • have a wonderful weekend missus. Have the in laws over on Sunday so will be shellacing my mum in law :) i slept last night fell asleep at half ten amazed and happy how long I'll do tonight is another story but going to try my best. Anyway thank you for the lovely message. Big love n hugs x x x
    No problem. They're fairly easy to put up - just make sure you've got a spirit level to make sure its straight and take it a wee bit at a time. They give you instructions with it.
    hello honey sorry for the late reply. Ha ha still have shellac left dying to change my colour though but leaving for the two weeks ;) hope you had a fab weekend my lovely! Currently snuggled in bed with my son whilst daddy sleeps on the bunk bed, never thought i would say i like sharing bed with my baby more than my Hubby but hey i get more room lol! Nearly finished my website this weekend and rather proud of it even if i do say so myself. Anyway just taken a sleeping pill so hoping I'll drop up before midnight. . . I can dream can't i. . . Well i hope to anyway lmao. Love n hugs to you missus. Big x
    lmao! The dog is safe . . . For now anyway :) I've had mum to practice on again she is wearing negligee on her fingers and I'm loving rock royalty. Need to get more models otherwise the dog is for it ha ha. Hope youre good honey big x
    Oh hun not another lots of pills for i bet if we shook you you'd rattle lmao. Well i hope they help you hun :)
    yes its absolutely bombing it down here very dark and lots of rain but thankfully cooled it down. Hope stays good on Saturday as off to colchester zoo with my boys!
    Slept better last night but took a tablet in the end at two am.
    Enjoy your day in work hun and yes the weeks whizz by don't they good news for me i place my order tomorrow the butterflies in my belly are so excited how sad am i! Love n hugs x x x
    hello lovely lady! I'm good thank so hot tonight feels like a sauna here in my flat! Ordering my kit on Fri I'm so excited still not decided what I'm going to buy minx is calling me too at the moment lol! Mind by the time I've saved and done my pedi course will be winter so maybe xmas present. I've got cold coming and my sleeping is totally mental at the mo been up since half one this morning and not particularly tired tho have rested today watching films all day been heaven! Anyway enough of me me me how are you doing? What's your weather like up there? Hope you're good missus love n hugs x o x
    Hello hun! Oh wow I had an amazing day training and i even managed to also do my shellac training whilst i was there!! Absolutely knackered but worth my tiredness for sure! slept like a log last night ended up being awake for 30 hours so my doc he gave me 7 sleeping pills but didnt need them at all I went to bed at 9:15 and got up this morning at 7am and felt so much better. apparently was snoring all night long! have a headache from hell now but gonna get myself in bed soon! thanks so much for the message hun hope youre ok love n hugs xxx
    Oh hun thank you so very much for your lovely message on my blog! Big smile on my face now:) are you going to the Olympia show? If so would be lovely to catch a coffee with you x x x hope your meds have been sorted and no more elephant ankles for you :) I'm off to docs on Monday for a repeat and think the prozac are the ones for me phew although horrible head aches this week and insomnia so we'll see. Have a lovely weekend hun and again thank you you've made my day. Love n hugs x x x
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