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  • oh hun your descriptions make me laugh so so much! Hope youre feeling ok and those meds are sorted soon. My meds well I think Im going back the other way now more anxiety less depression. Soooo think its back to the docs in a couple of weeks to change my meds again! I may just have to start camping out at the docs and of course the prescriptions are costing me as I cant just have a few months pills at a time Im paying every time i visit. Still I will find something that hits the mark i hope anyway! hope your ok other than your elephant ankles and that you've recovered from your near fainting fit in the sun... that will teach you to be so lovely lmao!
    love n hugs missus xxxx
    thanks for the rep hun! sorry have only just seen it! hope you're ok missus. love n hugs xxxxxxxxx
    hi yu hun! yeah im doing well thank you, bit away with the fairies but feeling better lmao! ive got the hubby booked in for a manicure at some point over the weekend and have been researching like mad this week on all things manicure related lol! ooooh lovely facials! awww im sure youre fine at it. i practiced on my own nails on the day of my training so i got the feel the pressure. had to make sure my chisel on my double ended cuticle pusher was a bit blunted though as super super sharp! liza sorted it for me though thank goodness could do some real damage with that thing! well hun thanks for seeing how i am have a fabulous weekend. love n hugs xxxx
    Wanted to rep you on the voting thread but couldn't,so thanking you for it here nonetheless! xx
    Awww thank you so much hun what a lovely thing to say. Ha ha the royals will certainly be after yu! Big x hun and thank you again! Love n hugs x x x x x
    awwwww thank you honey! I had a fabulous day and Ive uploaded my pics in my album lol. had the best day of my life and ill never ever forget it. hope youre all good hun love n hugs xxxx
    thank you honey! had a fabbie weekend and spray tan course was ace! hope youre ok honey big x
    you're welcome honey! i loved your post! and tbh sg is keeping my mind off everything at the mo i'd probably have gone mental by now ha ha xxxx
    I would like to know this too...LOL...thanks for your note,i am open as the day is long and proud of it LOL xx
    You're welcome... I only just realised you haven't given your age away ... yet.. come on hurry up and spill!! :lol:
    Awwww sooo pleased for you honey! Sounds like a brilliant opportunity and the new lady sounds so much better for you. Bet your excited now!! Ah thanks hun yes full swing of wedding plans three weeks on tuesday OMG! Cant wait! Ive now booked my party/cluster lashes for the morning of the wedding so im a very happy bunny least not forgetting the shellac on the saturday! hope youre ok honey and feeling better now. So so so glad works worked out for you and wish you loads of luck! Let me know how you get on! Love n hugs chick xxxxx
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