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  • Hi dpoppy, how are you doing ? Grand kids will be getting excited for santy soon, we told my youngest recently, he's 13 and hadn't a clue.. Bit sad but glad Ill get a decent sleep ths Christmas Eve , first time since 1991
    Hi dpoppy,no turkeys this year,first time in 14 years I didn't get any,hubby has to fence off a seperate area from the hens for them...might be waiting a long time!!
    Hello lovely. Sorry, havent checked on here in a while. I dont sell the vials, but Dawn might...xxx
    Oh I'm so sorry to hear that CC (big hug).That will be a nice break for you,enjoy it have a great time.Yes I'm ok has been a tad stressful my end but like you say hay Ho I just press on.It's very sore I had to go and have all the burns cut off and the skin scraped and cut it's a lengthily process this healing melarky.I hope it starts healing quickly.xxxx
    So looking forward to meeting you too!
    Thank you - very much indeed - for your lovely thoughts
    Hey lovely :) I'm ok, cannot wait to get out of the first trimester that's for sure as feeling constantly grim :( Hope you're ok my lovely. Thanks for the message and lovely to hear from you. Much love and kisses as always xxx
    Hello missus , how's things? I'm sitting here having a bit of magic done on me..you know the hairdresser trick of making your hair look 25 again! Daughter is off to OZ on wednesday so I may get a free colour and cut off her while I can. lol. I'm himming and haaing about whether or not I'm buying an ipad, I need to do something as my laptop is in bits, I did go away today to see could I buy one but I do live in a very rural area so not that many ipads needed by cattle farmers...How are you getting on , Is your mam settled into the residential home?
    Thank you for the heart. Never thought I would look back and laugh! Anne xx
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