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    Sick days?

    Maybe PM if you are having a conversation?
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    Broken arm

    My complete sympathy. I broke mine in Jan and it's still not great, so my advice is to get the best treatment you can. xxx
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    Real Housewives of Cheshire

    I watch this on ITV player on Tuesday as my guilty pleasure, as I can't get out atm. I saw "Cheshire" in the title, watched it and got hooked. Tanya is the only one who is not self-obsessed; she's a sweet girl. Dawn is awful!
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    I thought the bluebell theme might be marking a grave...
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    Real Housewives of Cheshire

    They are NOT real Cheshire housewives, they are Manchester Wags!
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    MAC favourites?

    Diamond: Bare Minerals foundation won't sit well on top of a liquid foundation. Have you tried it on its own? It can be built up to give more coverage, and if you use a concealer brush you can target blemishes. Maybe try to use it this way? x
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    Britain's best towns to visit?

    Scotland, Wales and NI have many gems too!
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    Britain's best towns to visit?

    St Ives, but not in August. Chester, my nearest and dearest. London, of course.
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    Glitter wine glasses!

    Thanks for the tips and ideas!
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    Question for American geeks

    The people who get fat are the lawyers...... By the way, from the little I know, Americans generally have a work-hard ethic.
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    Glitter tattoos for children-advice please

    I approached parents with a form to give their consent. On the form I stated the contra-indications, and I had a conversation with each Mum. One little girl's Mum asked if she would be alright, moderate skin condition, and I advised no, but on consultation found a mani would be fine, so I did...
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    Benefit fraud

    I wouldn't report anyone, but that's mostly because I'm a moral coward. I totally take on board, also, that it is difficult to make an accurate judgement and it's possible to cause awful stress. However, to balance the argument, we all pay - if we are ourselves honest - for fraudulent claims...
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    Question on customer service

    I have been to my lovely hairdresser today. He is nearly 40 years younger than I am, we have very different interests and lifestyles. We also never stop talking and are very comfortable in each other's company, to the extent that we make jokes about each other. Is it important that he's gay...
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    Question on customer service

    Agreed. Don't pre-judge your clients, ever! Age, sexual preference, ethnicity,religion, social class etc, we're all different.
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    One tip I can give is to think broadly about friends.....I have friends ranging from 18 to 80s, and many have very different lifestyles/interests from me. OK, not all are close friends,I can count the really close ones on one hand, but they are all people I'm glad to have in my life.