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    Starting a business, help!

    Thank you so much! This makes me feel alot better and its alot less scary :D
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    What do I need to do, business wise?

    I am looking to rent a nail desk soon so I would love to hear these tips! Good luck x
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    Help, I literally can’t find clients!

    Im constantly looking for new ways to get potential clients - post in local facebook groups, competitions (likes, shares, comments are good for social media algorithms), loyalty schemes, refer a friend. Also try tagging posts in your area or liking business posts in your area on insta as people...
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    What should I do to ensure everything is legal?

    I am looking to start in a local salon so I would love to hear some pointers on this too! Good luck with everything x
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    Starting a business, help!

    Hi, so glad Ive found this post. I'm in the same boat at the minute! I've been offered a nail desk in a salon in my town centre which I really want to go with but I'm absolutely clueless around the whole HMRC part. The owner is lovely and said she will help in any way she can but I feel like I...
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    Newly qualified

    Hi all, So I have recently qualified in level 3 nail technology and it is something I want to get more involved with. I currently work full time 9-5 with 1/6 Saturdays. I rent a house with my partner which I’m 99% sure the tenancy states that I cannot do business and I drive. My idea was to...
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    Newbie recommendations please!

    I had no idea that those brands need a 48w lamp!! Thanks for the heads up! I am going to get a more specific lamp when I get more familiar with brands and one that I like. Thanks for the recommendation. I will have a look at the range and see what’s to offer.
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    Newbie recommendations please!

    Thank you for your help! I haven’t really found a brand that I like yet as I am just starting out and the lamp was just a gift for the time being so I will be getting one when I’m more familiar with brands
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    Newbie recommendations please!

    Hi everyone, I’ve just started a training course for nails and so far learnt deluxe manicures and gel polish. I have eczema and family members have said they will help out to be models and have eczema/sensitive skin themselves so looking for recommendations on manicure hand products like...