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  • Hey i'm good ta, so what treatments do you do? do you do just nails or hair, beauty etc?
    Its been my day off today so been out in the sun topping up my tan :)
    G'day Dave, welcome to the site, I'm sure you will have lots of fun looking around
    hey hun ive added you hope you dont mind!!! love your nail pics really nice :) and thanks for the reply on my thread about the VTCT nail services course :)

    Hi and welcome, hope you are enjoying the site, the people here are great and you will love it i'm sure. Keep posting and updating us.

    Welcome to the site! Do say hi to Nailzoo and SKnight on here too, as I'm sure they'd both be pleased to meet another male geek :)
    Hi Dave
    Thanks for understanding where i was coming from on the sienna x thread,
    i have not been back to it yet but no doubt some one will want to argue about it lol,
    i can be a bit too straight with my words some times for some of the people on here but that's life,
    it would be a boring old world if we all agreed all of the time,
    hope you are doing ok on your course hun and good luck with all your ambitions xxx
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