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  • You are very welcome re the pics I posted. Pity the person asking did not think like you and a few others! Oh well, this is what we are on this site for aint it! LOL!
    How's the ultra sculptor? Scared you todeath yet? LOL!
    Well thanks for the rep doll, cause thats a pretty effing scary thing to post lol!!! I sympathize your vote didn't go your way, hopefully everyone can pull together right now, and leave partisanship under the rug. :)
    Did you get your Ultra Sculptor yet?
    I had a go with mine today and struggled a bit tbh. It's just a tad big for me, must get used to it tho!
    Cool! I remember it well! Every time I've done my finishing filing I'm singing it im my head lol!
    Thanks for that:hug::lol: xxxx
    YAY!!!!!! You just made my day. :) Did you tell anyone hey from MISS ALASKA lol? And I want to see pics of those smile lines ASAP!!! xo
    bah. I regret to inform you I will not be heading to Michigan- i am just too swamped at my salon, and we have a big fashion show the next week :(

    Tell Gina miss Alaska says HEY WASSUP! And if Dee Dee Hardy is there, tell her HEY from Heather Davis in Colorado- she will greet you warmly ;)

    Go, it will change the way you work in GENERAL. You won't be sorry, you will be REFRESHED AND NEWLY ENTHUSED. GO!
    GO TO THE ROADSHOW. You will learn EVERYTHING about ANYTHING CND DOES or has to OFFER. It's a stinking BLAST, and the education is AWESOME.
    AND you get to meet the cream of the CND Education Ambassador crop, on top of working with them one on one.
    I may see you there even :)
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