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    Nail technician online course?

    As Haricutz states, contact your local state board and find out what the requirements are for becoming a nail technician. I found this: It looks like you need 500 hours of training from an approved school. Best of luck!
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    How old were you when you did your nail course?

    I was 33 and also the oldest in my class. There was a woman in my class who was very TAN and wrinkled. When we were telling ages, she said she was 29. I blurted before I could think: 'you're not 30 yet?' OMG...I felt so bad afterwards!
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    Recent cosmetology school graduate

    Hi SourKiwi97, I can only imagine how you feel. I would check to see if there are any continuing education courses in your area. With COVID still rampant, there may not be any courses offered now but it's something you can look into. Best of luck!
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    Resume presentation

    I think it depends on how 'creative' your resume looks. I always eliminate the years I've worked somewhere, as I have gaps in my employment. Also, the resume's 'job' is to get you an interview... If you need help with your resume, PM me. Take care and good luck!
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    Positive Covid test

    @Trinity, prayers go out to you. I hope you get well, soon!
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    Dangers of "Russian Manicure"

    That picture gives me the creeps!
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    Looking for advice

    As MissJulesBeauty states above. Also, practicing on everyone you can get your hands on will help build your confidence. Best of luck to you!
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    A little something to bring you some festive cheer!

    Brilliant...I LOVE it! Wishing you all the best! :)
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    NSS comparison help

    Here's the difference: I knew a woman who had NSS nails. Her nails didn't 'break' but one time it was damaged and took her natural nail with it. There was blood and she was in pain for quite a while. When you use the proper products, the nail may break but it won't take the natural nail with...
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    Help with a refund

    I would check your bank or credit card company and see if a refund was initiated. If not, then I would call her back and say my bank/credit card company shows not refund was initiated.
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    Resumes and cover letters?

    Hi Reide, these are my personal opinions: I would keep the resume short and sweet. One page only. A lot of employers tend to not look past the first page. Also make sure your resume is clean/neat, as in appealing to the eye and has NO spelling/grammar errors. Have another person look at it...
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    CND Shellac colour similar to Bluesky A44?

    Hi blossom, can you post a pic of Bluesky A44? I think that would help. Thank you!
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    You are so sweet! Thank you! 😘🥰😍

    You are so sweet! Thank you! 😘🥰😍
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    Clients wearing masks

    NO mask, NO service. End of!
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    Cut cuticle?

    Did she tell you she was diabetic BEFORE the treatment? IF so, I would not clip anything unless it's standing up and waving to me. If not, she should have disclosed that very IMPORTMANT information before the treatment began. I would recommend she see her physician. Foot wounds are nothing...