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  • Not really I'm in Rainhill so not too far though. Years ago one of my clients suggested I contacted you to see if you were interested in offering botox etc but at the time I was just way too busy to take on any more salons so I never did. They went to you for your spa days. Two of the Liverpool salons I go into have closed down in the past 12 months, it's a shame but they really struggled in the recession x
    Hey Deb, do you know I didn't know you had the village retreat! I've just liked your facebook page x
    I havnt really heard that much by Crooked Vultures but considering I love all Hommes work and his wife Brody Dalle's music I am guessing I will love them!! In case you dont know Dalle's work check out Spinnerette (latest band) and The Distillers (older band) in fact heres a couple links lol:

    YouTube - Spinnerette - A Prescription For Mankind
    YouTube - The Distillers - The Hunger

    I'm on Facebook under Anne Watkin and cos music is a major passion I upload a music link every day, so feel free to add me! Just tell me who you are cos I like to know who am adding, thanks!

    anne xx
    Thank you for the friend request .. delighted .. I should have contacted you before now!! lol

    I hope you don;t mind me contacting you but we are looking at a new skincare range and are thinking of going with Nimue. I saw on some threads here that you use it in your salon and I just wondered if you had the time to let me know how it is going. We've looked at dermalogica too.


    hi deb thanks for your really kind gesture,how nice of you...if you need details of wot i offer at my nail studio let me for my family,its leanne and andrea hayden who come to your salon for waxing,leanne is my little sis and andrea is married to my dad.I actually have a client who is lookin for a new salon to have waxing as her beautician is to far away for her to travel to now i will send her to you.Do you offer spray tan,if so which system as clients ask me about that too...speak to you soon xxx
    hi deb....i have a nail studio up by where i live in cronton and some of my family are clients of yours do their waxing....wot a small world xxx
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