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    How are we all doing?

    Merry christmas and a happy new year. I've been 9.30 till 5.30 this week. A sick wee boy trip to child's a & e. oh had sickness bug and yeah I now can't move frozen, whole body aches been to sleep for early start Tom xxxx
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    Ask the next person a question game

    Not watching it. Is tonsillitis contagious ? Xx
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    Ask the next person a question game

    Thanks for the tip Nicola luise x
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    What colour is the last picture. Amazing designs and christmas nails girls. I have not done my own yet been to busy loads of inspiration xxxx
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    I deserve a medal!

    I'm interested on this.... Congrats on your 19 years though hun hope you have a great night xxx
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    Mary Kohr

    Guinot : in 1977: The Mary Cohr line of cosmetics was introduced. Then in 2001: Guinot launches its Master Colors cosmetics line and repositions the Mary Cohr brand to emphasize aroma therapy and essential oil ingredients. X
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    Ask the next person a question game

    My thighs the used to be slim and now the just wobble been walking last four weeks oh says they look muscular eh hello I don't want muscular I want them to be like before , Do you regularly exercise x
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    The word association game!

    Naughty teenager
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    You know you're getting old when......

    Had a wee giggle myself lol. I'm friendly with owner she asked how are you " fine until kids called me a wifie" lol my seven year old said mum you not 90!!! Xxx
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    Where do I go from here?

    Thoughts are with you big hugs. commented on another thread wondered how old she was then saw this so so sad such a young age and two children. You take care look after yourself agree with other comment cruise bereavement are brilliant. I lost my dad six years past nov and this time of year is...
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    You know you're getting old when......

    Seen this and defo thought of today went to the local baker van half the local secondary school was there "boy says boys let the wifie go first" x
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    Do you buy yourself Christmas presents?

    Great thread girls don't normally though think I might start sounds fun xcx
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    You know it's Christmas when ...

    Jo Jo love it so true lol xxx Coke advert. Use to be the iron bru and snowman advert though haven't seen it this year so far x MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all
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    Cancelling clients

    Sorry to hear you lose Hun , thoughts are with you big hugs so sad at anytime of year though this close to Christmas is worse her poor family and friends. Take care. XxxX Ps I'm with everyone else cancel client, she's an added stress that you certainly don't need right now or on day of funeral...
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    Cheer me up

    Brilliant news hun as long as you's together and happy everything else ie job can be put up with lol xxxx