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  • I have asked the mods to remove the image you posted of all the colours and I have emailed CND in regards to the Netherlands who decided to ruin colour surprises for everyone... there is no need for this to be here right now and I appreciated your understanding. I know you were just excited... but there are 'others' that look on here not just nail pros and I would prefer it down :hug:
    Your thread was moved to Consumer Queries. If you're using an iPhone or iPad, you need to run a Safari app alongside. If android, then a Tapatalk app. Unfortunately, some mobiles will not let users access the full site. See if that works.
    Click Settings, click Edit Your Options, scroll down to Optional Information, and then delete the details from the Home Page URL box. That should do it. Thanks.
    May I please ask you not to use automated signatures beneath your posts, such as weblinks and URLs. Thank you.
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