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  • ah thanks im loving it already so helpful!! i can see lots of late nights ahead..... its easy to get carried away searching! x
    Hello lovelie, are you still hanging around this place? I have just logged back on for the first time in ages xx
    Hey Deb,

    Just reading ur thread about contact dermatitis - did you find a solution?
    I use Bio and am reacting to the Dual cleanse,its sooo itchy driving me mad!
    Tried three different types of gloves now, nothing stops it seeping right through but it helps.
    Any tips for me hun?
    You can use the LED lamp hun or you can use your normal uv lamp which is what i do. Glad salon is doing well xx
    Oh yes i would deffo rate it its the bees knees lol. My clients cant get enough of Gelish now its the best investment ive ever made. Hows the salon going hun xx
    hya im sorry i didnt get back sooner ive only just noticed the vistor message lol.. im still trying to get the hang of this site. xx
    Hi debs , not too bad thanks, been on my hols thats why I was away for a while, plus my pc has crashed :sad: so have to use hubbys when hes not on it lol ... also been busy testing hair samples for hair extension companys and looking after my elderly aunt as she has alzhiemers bless she's 89 lol... she is so tiny lol , she won't let anyone else help her exept me ... and she wont get washed or dressed unless I do it so.... she is very shy lol , have been quite busy , also been doing the familys hair .... how is your business going now ? hope you are all doing well too :) x minky
    Hi Debs I a fine thank you :) x I like your brunette hair it looks really nice it suits your skin tones too, how are you and the children ? thank you Debs for wishing me a happy birthday :) x minky
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