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  • Hi Deb, yes I maybe a bit far away for a nosy! How are things in the tanning salon? I have 2 spare rooms in my shop and have thought about putting a lie down and stand up in until there is the need to expand out of the beauty rooms I've already set up. I've got some experience of the tanning industry but not for about 18 months now. Do you find they are still busy? x

    They may allow you to, however, if they do not know you I would say it is unlikey, as you will be their future competition.

    Try asking one of the lovely Geeks located near by and see if they willl let you sit in on a few sessions.
    Hi Deb,

    From a confidence point of view it may be worth refreshing yourself with the moves and the routines of treatments, may be on friends and family? However, from purely an insurance point of view there would be no need to re-do any courses.
    Hi its going ok so far, thanks for asking! A bit stressful as there is so much to think about. Just refurbing at the moment. Its in the knutsford area, do you know it? xx
    Hi hun

    I don't think you would need to do a refresher course, can you not just do some practice on your friends and family and get into it that way?

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