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  • Hello dear, ta for the message - i'm mostly being a hypochondriac this week and have a bad neck, sore toe and the runs, apart from that i'm marvelous, how are you xx
    Hi Deb. thank you for welcoming me to the forum, even though it is some time ago. Never really got in to it, but giving it a go agin now :)
    Hi Deb Just thought I'd say hello. Have you had a busy week? Just booked my travel lodge for CND Foundation on 9 excited now!
    hey deb, hows it going? i noticed you wished me a happy birthday lol, i need to get on this site more, after all its such a good site!, i went to manchester for the proffesional nail & beauty show in october with my friend who runs beautease on blurton road, do you know it?, we go every year but came back a bit disappointed this year, we have decided to go to London's show next year instead, how is your nail business doing?xx
    Hiya honey bun!! Soooooo sorry for the delay!! I am sooooooo crap @ gettin back to people lately!! Left a couple of messages for that Will Smith you know, but he has not returned my calls... I have noticed that there are actually a couple of new vacancies advertised by him too on the jobcentre site, so there must be openings, but I can't get to speak to him!! Haven't had chance call today cus no signal at work (ironically) so I may try my luck this evening, and if I have no joy in getting him, I'll defo try in the morning 2mz! Thanks though hun xxxxx
    Lol i do eventually hehe! got a few i need to write back too! everytime i go to get stuck in on it the phone bloody rings...i'm going out in a bit but i will reply properly tomoz, how r u feeling? hows every1 any better? xxxx
    Hi hun, all good here apart from being at work and feeling a bit yucky. Hope you have a good start to the week! xx
    They are great I have changed to them for all my tips now, very reasonably priced too you can get them from Affiniti, try them.
    Thanks for the pic comments, they are Pro Impressions tips, I wouldnt atempt to sculpt on this client as her nail beds are tiny tiny her thumb tip is a size 4 :eek:, difficult enough to tip overlay. xx
    Thanks hun but just dosent look right to me very dull looking - maybe its because theres no glitter in it lol. xxx
    Hi, I am just going to update my blog now so i will pop it all in there , all my love minky x x x x Cal
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