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  • Yes, good idea - just to say I have only found this message by chance....when you want to leave a message for me - go onto my profile page and leave it there - not on your profile page as you have here today! I used to do that all the time when we first got these pages! Just click on my name & it will take you to my profile page, then leave a message in the box.
    Hi Bev - I still haven't done any more lashes as my sister is ill and can't make it till next week now so a bit fed up. Just for feedback, I'm not sure where the fibres came from as I used tissue to remove the eye gel. I wonder if it came from the nail wipe I used for cleaning the tweezers but they are supposed to be lint free. From now on I will use tissues to clean tweezers as well! xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Yes, I found them - it's a city centre salon. So they are miles away from me.
    Thamks for the prices though - that's useful xxxxx
    Hi Bev - I have found your messages again now. Thanks for the feedback on the lashes, I really appreciate it. The Flirties glue sounds good so I will go for it when I need more. I heard that a salon in Lincoln charges £95 full set top and bottom, £75 for 1-1/2 hrs full set top, Infill 30 mins £35, Infill 15 mins £20. xxxxxxxxxxx
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