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  • Hi Debbie yeah I saw her at my nans birthday tea and asked her who did your nails and when she said your name was debbie and you had a lovely little white dog I remembered your profile pic lol I only have Tuesdays off at the moment but it changes to mondays occassionaly so let me know when you do have one and Ill see if I can get there would love to have other people to talk to about beauty stuff as i bore the hell out of my boyfriend and family lol. Speak soon. Lily xx
    hehe your not going crazy dont worry lol! After your pm I looked into my settings and my visitor message was set to private so it couldnt be viewed by everyone. So I changed it probably before you looked back xx
    Oh that sounds good then, I'm trying to sort out a training day with one of their educators. I already use Gelish which I love, and have found Harmony to be really good so I'm in the processing of converting to their L&P and Gel. Thanks for the advice. x
    Hi, hope you don't mind me messaging but I found an old post where you mentioned using Reveal gel. I'm just starting with it (trained with Millennium) and wondered how you found it? Thanks. x
    Hi Deb, yes im on my way late tonight/early hours. Just said bye to the kids and feel a blubbering wreck now lol
    Hi Debbie, hope you are doing well with eyelash extensions! Remember to visit us another day so we can talk through problems and go through tips on improving speed etc. Hope to see you soon :)
    Have sent you an email. Sorry it's took so long - I need to clone myself lol!!
    No, but Im going to give it a go tomorrow. Apparently, as long as it dosent contain acetone it should be fine. Imf gonna go for the red baroness i think :)
    Iv got all the colours lol. Fedora and baroness look amazing! Im actualy loving the shellac at the mo. Im going to try and do mine tomorrow, although I didnt get the stuff to wioe the sticky layer, Doh!
    Deb your pm box full honey
    shellac arrived yesterday so not played yet! will let you know
    Hi Debbie, I am sort of retired these days .... but it's nice to come on here.... to see whats going on .... I only do friends and family which I can't get out of doing lol .... I really loved the luminous fresh pearly quality to the wedding nails,
    they were really classy looking :) x minky
    Hi Debs, been away on hols and just catching up with everything. Weds 28th is good for me if it's still that date?
    Hello Debs, can't do a wednesday but never mind hope it goes well. I have a Zizzi's voucher someone could use, if you want it let me know I'll bring to the salon for you.
    Was your Easter nice? x
    I didnt get a message via FB Deb, but saw its changed to the Tuesday? Im not going to be able to get there then as Id have been out of salon since the saturday. (Iv been asked by one of the lash companied to go and demo on the two days) The Tuesday already has clients booked boooooooooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooooooooooo
    See, this is where Im a pain in the bum lol. Im at the NEC beauty show that sunday and monday.................(theres always one pain eh?)
    Hi Deb! Yes I would love to join you! Was you thinking when kids go back to school? It would be great to see you all xxxxx
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