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  • Oh tell me all! What did you buy? What did you see that you now whish you had bought? lol.
    Percy cat is home now, having to visit the vets every day to have him checked over but he's best off home with his mummy.
    Oh the vet has said he has perked up but we are waiting to hear about his blood results.
    Fingers crossed eh. Hope they let him come home tomorrow as the kids will be away until Sunday and we can give him our full attention.
    Thanks for asking.
    How are you?
    Thanks hun. Didn't really get time to celebrate, had to rush Perseus (our cat) to the vets for an emergency op, he nearly died poor little man. xox
    LoL I was questioned by Amber, so funny.
    Got hold of a copy of Scratch today, love your nails ;o) x
    Haven't used dream for a while now, using LCN and Ezflow now, great to start with but prefer Ezflow. Guess I just got used to this one now. Mainly do acrylic again Ezflow, much nicer to use. I started with Dream but found that I really needed one to one and you always have to convert!!!!
    Hi hon!

    Yeah I've done loads of sprays, about twelve... did a party last week.

    Everyone who's had the 8.5% loves the way it goes on but would like it darker, my sister has had the 10% and it just didn't go on very well at all. Not sure what the answer to that is!!??

    Am I right in remembering that the 10% is in the tropical and different forumlation? Maybe the 12.5% in the regular fomulation might give the great results but with a darker colour?

    Keep me posted with how you're getting on

    Hi Debs,

    Glad it went OK for you. It seems we are all in agreement that 10% would be better. 8% is fine but a bit to light for my preference.

    I had a practice on three people last week and am going to have one more practice run before I start charging. I did really enjoy it and got a good buzz from doing it.
    hope your well

    Sarah x
    Hi pet
    I'm full time at the mo coz the woman who owns the salon has broken her arm - silly billy - I actually rent a chair but Im a bit of a sucker for a hard luck story! If I dont go in the salon closes and then where would I be!
    Absolutely love what I do but used to be mobile/home salon and couldnt get enough business. Now I normally work three 10 hour days! I know it seems a lot but that way I only pay rent for 3 days not 5!!!
    Chat again soon.
    Hi Debbie
    Yes, did build the website but never really got any further, got a job in a salon and haven't really looked back. It did occupy the quiet months last year though!
    Take care, so nice that you remembered.
    Hi Debbie,

    My luck is just not happening. I have just got back in from work, meaning I have missed the delivery! I am out all day tomorrow as well so goodness know when I will get it. I hope I can remember what to do. Let me know how you get on spraying.
    Sarah x
    It's the third eye in the middle of my forehead lol. I like to add those who stalk me online... :) XOXO
    I emailed to find out a delivery time and told it was only ordered today and will be with me tomorrow, how gutted was I?!
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