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  • Hi huni, I dont know about the scores yet either, but Alex Fox might know more, I have been waiting too to hear how our friends have got on. xxxx
    Thanks for the invite thats really kind, I work full time so can't come and geek it up with you girls. Keep me in mind for the future though x
    Me coming to Geek meet - even tho I feel a bit of a fraud lol - this is the first time I've been on here for ages!!! xx
    So far, Tog, Cazbar, Sas21, Tingle, Cabinkel, LoulouMac and me have put the Geek Meet in our diaries (OCT 12th) for lunch at bluewater. Yay!!
    gosh you brave going alone... me too scared get nervice hehehe well I would like to go, If Hubby can drop me there I would love to go, xx
    hiya huni, meeee got nails on yaaaahhh..
    Are you going with anybody to the show? my husband was going to go with me, but the footy came first, his boss got him tickets,
    Aloe chick, :)
    Its the buff off, but ive just brought the soak off, went to my wsalers today NONVAT day ooooh how much did I spend:cry::cry::cry: and just brought a Trainer hand just to potter about on to,
    Im just going to put a set on, cant really advertise with me orrible nails can ya hehehe...
    Have you ever been to the Olympia show,was thinking of going,didnt know what it was like, went to the one in Bimingham I LOVED
    Hiya huni hows you? yeah we could have played nails hehehe
    I only have a few clients, just need more confidents really, did a nice set yesterday, a very bad nail biter, I use Edge UV Gel chick xx
    fab! will put in my diary, looking forward to it Debs x x have a nice weekend
    Hi Deb, got the message! lol
    I have written it in my diary so as long as I don't have any hospital appointments sprung on me I should be fine.
    Thanks for today by the way, she is really pleased with it and I'm sure all her mates will be wanting to arrange one now!
    last time we met at noon at Zizzi's so probably do the same again as you can park right out side (if you know where to go lol)
    Anyone looking. Our geek meet is planned for OCT 12th at Bluewater for lunch

    leave me a message if you are coming, thanks.x
    I'm so glad that Emma saw you, I suspected from our conversation when I had to cancel that what she really needed was some kind of extension, as she said she had no nails! so she would have been disappointed as we wouldn't have been able to help her. Deb, can you believe I can't do that mon as I'm away in Italy. But any mon after that would be fine if it suits you x
    Hi Debbie, hope you are having a good holiday. Just wondered if you might be free on tues 15th? I have my masters rebalance day and need a model. Had arranged to take the person I took on the application day but she can't make it now. I know it's short notice so not to worry if you can't x
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