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  • Hi Debbie,i am still ok for tuesday,will bring my gels and alamp and everything i need...really want to perfect tip blending and french...Rich is coming alon we can give him a 11 ok or maybe early afternnon,only Rich will have worked the night before...he is adament on taking me though...we are an inseperable pair....but he knows what a flirt i am,lol...i also gab on,so will write anything i need down to remember..xxxxxx
    Hello Debbie, good to meet you at last!
    yes, if you are passing by with Gabi next week pop in, I'm around all week although I think I'm out of the salon tues lunchtime . .
    but if I don't see you then I expect I'll meet up with you and the others for lunch, after summer hols are over!
    Cathy x x
    Ha ha! I think I was up late as I had the following day off!
    One of these days we'll put faces to names I'm sure . .
    In the meantime - don't work too hard Debbie x x
    Hello Debbie
    It's Cathy from Looking Good (Mayplace) . . . found out last week we have 2 clients in common - a bride and her friend are coming to you for nails and to us for treatments pre-wedding. I think it's in the next couple of weeks, can't remember their names now though. The bride's mum's name is Kay.
    Hope all's going well for you
    Cathy x
    I love your westie...adele keegan has an adorable westie...i had the pleasure of meeting hrh a while sweet,she is...well both of them are,lol...if you want laughter and wine she is your gal!
    I also see your b day is the same as my dads...a fire sign hey...! x
    Thank you Debbie....i just have to say it was the best investment ever,as i am such a lover of colour on nails,and not just french all the
    I live in the Uk,but was born in Perpignan,in the south of France,and came to the Uk when i was 3....hopefully we are moving back at some time soon....we have a house in Perpignan,and Avignon...calgel is quite big in France,but gels are more popular than L&P in France...i trained in L&P years ago,but never liked it...i like to "play" with my product...loli have just overlayed my square nails with no.18...i feel like a scarlet woman,lol...and i usually wear my nails almond or oval so i am ringing in the changes...i also love sculpting with calgel,and i find it strong...i do the apex like 3 sausages that Robyn showed us...she is amazing...however i am not very good at blending so am booked on a refresher day with Robyn on 31 august...i looked at your demos for sculpting on your web,this is what i meant for tutorials...LOL xxxx
    Thank you for your tutorials on your web,i was looking at your pics and admiring them....and although i am not really a fan of nail art...i might just give a little bit a try...maybe some ice a good colour i am going to place ANOTHER order on monday and get some more colours,probably about only did my conversion in May,so am still getting to grips with POW...i find it can ripple slightly,and i do not want to apply it too thick,maybe i can do 2 thin coats and cure 3 mins each time...also i do swipeout the smile with no.4 brush before i it best to apply clear before colour on nno's...there are so many questions and Kerry,aka cabinkel said you are the calgel girl to have had some fab advise from kerry and gillian....and your web is fab....keep us inspired xxxGabi xxx
    I know what you look like Kerry so I will look out for you. Then again I maybe late lol and you will all have to look out for me ha ha. I have a client first. Caroline has a 50% off voucher too so not sure what ones we will be best using. I have two 99p thingy ones - mine and Sarahs aka sas21.
    See you all tomorrow!!!!!!
    see you all tomorrow!! Im scared, I wont know anyone. Dont all hide from me will you, lol!
    Aah ! They are called De:Alto at Bluewater. Right see you there now I know where it is lol !
    phoned Zizzi BW they are in Upper Thames Walk,West Village here is a link for infor
    Zizzi - Bluewater - Pizza & Pasta restaurant in Dartford
    Deb x
    Debbie, have just been on bluewater website and looked at the store guide and can't find Zizzi listed ????? Have you been recently ?
    Yep will see you there, am looking forward to it. Have also come across a 50% off voucher for Zizzi so will bring that with me. I think you only need one per table but details are here: 50% off at Zizzi - Telegraph
    Yep, I will be therewith bells on, lol! Where is Zizzi???? Oh and thanks for comment on my lickle dog!
    Are we all agreed then? 12noon at Zizzi (at least meet there) then decide where to finally eat when we are all together. if ok at Zizzi - dont forget your vouchers.
    My salon is Looking Good in Mayplace Rd West
    Yes do come in and say hello!
    (would be nice to put a face to a name! ) x x
    I work in Bexleyheath, Kent so quite near Bluewater, I'll check my appointments tomorrow just in case I could slip away at lunchtime . . . but if not, I might be able to meet the next time if I can sort my appointments out around it x
    Hi Debbie
    I won't be able to make it after all as I'll be at work, but if you guys decide in future to have an evening meet-up then I would love to come along, so do let me know.
    But hope you all have a great time anyway ! Cathy x
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