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  • yeh its 07791 787796, but i dont have any credit!! lol typical, just ran out abour hr ago. Will get some first thing. You ok?, did you just want to make arrangements?
    Hey yeh i'm really looking forward to it now. I'm def wearing nails too, will feel very underdressed at the party if I don't get them done, not risking it lol. Karen, Marion and Marie coming in car. Have you decided where you want me to pick you up yet? You ok to share your room with Marion yeh? (Marioned)
    Think i`ll take my nails off cos we`ve to practise on each other (i think). Sooooooooo looking forward to it :)
    Excellent, thats my car full then! Will arrange pick up times etc nearer the time. Can't decide about nails? What you doing?
    Hey you, how was your weekend? Have you decided how you're travelling down to Manchester yet? Let me know if you want me to pick you up? x
    I will already be there all week, so not travelling on the Friday. If we had enough numbers I would have hired minibus for you all but it's looking like not too many tickets left so there won't be enough to warrant it. A few NorthScot geeks going by train, a few midscots driving. Easy route, motorway all the way almost to hotel door:)
    Have you ordered your ticket from Sweet Squared? I've booked rooms, so we can pay for them when we arrive. I don't know many to see, just by name from on site, but I have met Karen and a few others. Digs are right next to event, loads of geeks staying there too, so should be a laugh!
    Cool, we thought about it too, but don't think Karen likes flying and its bloody expensive from here!!! Let me know about motorways x
    lol hiya yeh, but for some reason they wouldn't let us put three ina room now! So booked 2 twins, and have posted a thread for someone to fill other bed, but that makes it £63 for 2 nights, is that ok? Did you get my meesage about meeting us, are you near any of those motorways?
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