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    19 new Shellac colours for 2013

    Lysa.g, it's sage scarf with denim geode x

    HD brows

    You're WAY too hard on yourself..... Remember I've seen your work...... You're doing fab x

    Bored with the same old tunic?

    La beeby Rosalie tunic is fab, 3/4 length tunic so can wear with leggings too and is very flattering

    CND, The Event!

    There will be loads of geeks at the Weetwood and its walking distance to the village. You definitely won't be alone..... A geek can spot a geek a mile away LOL

    Eyelash emporium glue... Smoking literally!

    Cyanoacrylate will react with cotton, it can cause burns so be careful :D

    Eyelash Glue

    Certain eyelash bonds can react with the airbourne ammonia in the air of hair salons. I know a couple of therapists who actually had to move premises because of this.

    HD brows..fab or total fad?

    Lots if therapists who do the training comment on how they thought they "done great brows" till they trained in HD

    HD brows..fab or total fad?

    You can have still have the HD treatment, but your results might just be a bit more limited depending on the hair you have. I have had fantastic results from sparse eyebrows

    How long for Shellac certificate

    Hey if you want to pm me your full name i will chase your certificate up for you x
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    HD Brows?

    HD is a 7 step procedure using branded products, and focuses on design. It is a very defined look and Very precise. Now that I offer HD brows I would struggle to offer regular wax and tinting as I would feel as if I was only doing half a job. The training price includes the full kit, including...
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    Well less tips

    Even if you didn't blend the tip, an opaque powder would disguise it x
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    Crystals can be used with shellac. I set mine into my last colour coat ( which works well for me) my colleague sets them into her top coat and this also works well HTH
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    NSI Purely Pink Masque or Pink Masque?

    Pink masque is a cooler colour than purely pink masque, so they both suit different skin tones.
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    Happy Birthday Dellaznailz

    Happy birthday della xxx
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    Out of the three main books which one should I choose first?

    Oh I remember the excitement of getting my books xxx