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  • Hi Debra,
    Sorry it's taken a while to get back , trying to juggle work , kids etc , the time seems to fly . That sounds great , we can have a better chat about it then . Ring or text me on 07989 712809 . Talk soon .
    Hi Debra ,
    I went on the tantrick course nearly 3 weeks now , found it really good . There was no pushing to buy any equipment just "training" . I'd go for it debra . There's loads of people wanting a tan out there. It is a bit expensive to start off , i bought the mini mist pro , i think it was £580 or something like that , but you get lots of tanning lotions with that , and lots of accessories as well. What part of Swindon do live in , I'm in Priory Vale . Hope this info has been of some help to you .
    Hi Deb ,
    I'm going on my training course on the 28th of may . I haven't bought the equipment yet but what collin said about taking your own equipment with you , it sounds a great idea . 'm going to have a look at that website collin mentioned and go from there. I will def let you know how it goes .
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