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  • Hi, am so sorry just seen your message on my wall. In the pictures i use .25 C curl, all different lengths, i usually use 3-4 lengths through out the eye. But i have actually been using .20 lashes more, with only a few .25 as it can be too heavy for lash. You can put lashes on others, but i think u have to train in the masters level for that. Iv trained in masters, which allows u to piggyback the lash, but thats with extending with a .15 on a small lash, then adding a slightly thicker lash on the back of it. I havent really done this of yet though. Its all about using differnt lengths, to create that thick look :) good luck xx
    Hi i just looked and saw that u do tanning and waxing. I was just wondering if you had a beauty therapy qulaifcation or if you done them without, if so what did you do to become qualified in waxing. any advice would be great as i am looking to become qualified in both. Thanks
    Lol, she's lovely but our other two have skin problems so hard work if you get one with skin or eye problems
    Thanks, she's all grown up now, just had pups of her own, we kept a lilac girl, we have dad too, so they're my little shar pei family :)
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