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  • lol it was RUTH nailsinlondon who busted her/him ... I just had the pleasure of the coup de gras!!! lol
    Hi there

    I am up nice & early this morning so I thought I would say hello . I am not exactly sure on how to use the geek site although I have been a member for quite some time .I really enjoy just reading the posts there are some great tips & advise on there . I have posted just a couple of times & everyone seems real nice & happy to share advise etc. Maybe we could meet up sometime for a coffee I am more than happy to meet you half way it would be nice to talk to someone else that does a similar type of work. My daughter Sam she is also a nail tech & she manages my salon so I know she would love to meet up with you also & maybe the other Kernow geeks . Have a nice day

    Kindest Regards Shell x
    Oh yes defo need to stick's an exclusive club don't you know hehe xxx
    Hey hun it was fantastic meeting you at long last :hug:
    Hope you had a safe and pleasant journey home xxxx
    thanks Della = excited to see you. Am in bed poorly and supposed to go to Cosmoprof tomorrow for the show... dont even know if we can fly?? xoxo
    ooooo just read your welcome message, very sweet, thank you!! I'm still very much getting used to this amazingly fabulous site, totally love it!! Its going to be such a help when i eventually start up mobile and very re assuring as well!! X
    Everyone needs a hand every now and again ,, just paying it forward. xxx thank you
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