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    How much weight did you gain over Xmas?

    Both Mr Dellaznailz and I weighed in at SW last night and we both lost 1lb:biggrin: Our group also collects unopened naughty goodies to take to our local food bank which is a great idea
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    Shellac available at Dennis Williams?

    Official message form Sweet Squared "Sweet Squared are not selling CND Shellac to Denise Williams. CND are not selling CND Shellac to Denise Williams. We have no knowledge of where they are getting product and if indeed it IS CND Shellac. CND are dealing with this situation and when we...
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    How to remove CND form sculpts?

    Yes it is :) Remember to use plenty of SolarOil afterward x
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    CND/Shellac logos & stock photos is the lady you need
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    HD Brows

    You get what you pay for! the reviews, training, products and reputation of HD is what is keeping me saving to do it. it will take a long time as facing a few family challenges at the moment but I am determined! if you really want to do something, work, save and do it Xx
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    Grapefruit Sparkle layering?

    To show what it will look like over any other colour simply use it on it's own on a colour pop and topcoat. This way you just hold it over any colour bottle or colour pop. Saves lots of product and colour pops. I do this with all the CND colours suitable for layering i.e. VIP Status...
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    Anybody train at The Carlton Institute in Brentwood?

    So sad to read this , Jacqui was lovely and all her team too. I was there when Jade Goody trained there! Going back to original post, we did six weeks intensive training for gel nail enhancements, 12 weeks for mani/pedi nvq plus two weeks for L&P plus separate days for spa and nail art etc so...
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    Anybody train at The Carlton Institute in Brentwood?

    A difficult one. I trained originally at Brentwood Academy ( as it was then) and found it to be fantastic :biggrin: I have done a huge amount of extra classes since then but will for ever be grateful for those first steps at BA Times and tutors change though :rolleyes: Is Jacquie still the...
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    Where to buy an OEM (Original) CND 36W UV lamp for Shellac

    You are right to be concerned! This is NOT a CND Shellac Class. The ONLY official classes are booked through Sweet Squared. Welcome - Sweet Squared
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    One to one classes

    All CND Education Ambassadors offer one to one classes. Contact Sweet Squared for you nearest 0845 210 6060 One to one classes are a real investment in your skills and career. I certainly wouldn't be where I am without them :)
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    Where to buy an OEM (Original) CND 36W UV lamp for Shellac

    If you fiancee is serious about wanting to use CND Shellac why not treat her to professional training at any UK Creative Academy? Many of us start out wanting to just do our own and friends nails but it turns into a whole new world and career :biggrin: have a look here to see your options...
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    Chinese nail painting and video lessons-subtitles in English

    Lovely thank you. No video attached though x
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    Body wrap course

    Thank you. I have just googled you system and it appears to use the same products and work the same way as Shrinking Violet apart from the fact I am rather concerned Minimi breaks down fat cells and SV releases intra-cellular fat.
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    Body wrap course

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    Body wrap course

    All 'products' are chemical based, nasty or not. I would like a fact based reason how this is natural or organic Water is a chemical earthquakes are natural