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  • Hiya hun, just read your post that you have a home salon and your looking for friends and advise... Im just in the process of converting my celler into a small nail bar. Just wondering what systems you use? If i can be of any help just let me know. Hayley
    If she wants Minx as well as a full set then yes .. 50£ ... it's her choice to go for it or not.

    Don't compromise.
    The price of Minx is the price ... whether you do a full set or not. The price is on top of the full set price. Your prices sound about right to me.
    Hi there. Im also an abx (i-lash) trained lasher so if I can help with anything let me know. Have you tried the new adhesives yet? As you build up your skills you will find them brilliant. HAve fun xx
    :cry: Hello fellow geeks, I'm very new to all this but love the site, its helped me sooo much x
    Could anyone help me with a few things i'm finding difficult....here goes!

    I use nsi products, when i'm doing a natural nail overlay with a coloured gel some times 1/3 seem to just pop off after a few days, not sure why???

    Also when doing a natural nail french overlay it sometimes chips/ lift on the corners of the free edge causing the majority of the gel to then chip away..
    I have only been doing nails for 3 months, i did my training with Mercier, and i know practise makes perfect, but i really want to get this right asap!

    Any advice would be much appreciated :hug:

    p.s am soooooooo lovin being a geek xx
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