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  • No i dont have a salon,i work at a health spa near petersfield,so it is a trk about 45 mins but well worth it! .....i am renting a room part time as well.What about you...your profile does not say too much xx
    Hi Denise, thank you for your message. Im still looking for weekend work only in a salon to gain some experience whilst im still training for my level 2 in beauty therapy.

    If you feel you have a position to take on a weekend trainee, please contact me on 07889254592.

    Kindest regards
    Life is mad as usual for me I have more wrinkles but still smile hope your good babes, Have you still got the shop ??
    im fab thanks Den
    found out i passed my educator resits yayaya :D
    have got Sam biddle coming to do a class in a few soooo excited
    infact how mad i have been gabbing to Cathie on the phone tonite... been ages since we spoke too!

    so you been geeking much recently??
    j xoxox
    Hey poppet, how the devil-in-hotpants are you? Really good to hear from you! xx
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