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  • Well it is lovely to see you about when we do and I am happy that you are keeping nice and busy. Keep in touch x x x
    Hiya Dessi - we havent seen you on here for ages x x x we miss you x x x
    thanks for your reply.yes it was the hand painted ones.your smile lines are just amazing they are you do them in one sweep or from side to side?xx
    Hi Tess... really 300 us ? WOW... she deserve it and also she is lucky to live at Ucrain cuz here noone would make nails like her, the only crazy is me cuz i love original nails..... I have a lot of pics (not mine) , i collect fotoes and hoping one day to succeed to made them all, if u are intrested pm me ...xxxx
    Sorry i had some problems thats why i wasnt logg in too often, i am fine now but too mach work and dont have so mach time even for myself...Kiss u Scratchers and ValencianNails... and thxs for ur birthday wish ...xxxx
    I am a fan also of
    Check out her website. You will have to translate on your google task bar. If you cant fiqure it out just look at th top left and click on the far right subject. That is her gallery. She sells dvd's. She has only been doing nails for 1 1/2 years. but she practices every day. she works in her home so it is very common to im her and she is practicing at 2 0r 3 in the morning. she lives in the ukraine.
    and she works on her customers sometimes for 3 or 4 hours and charges them 300.00 us
    I love her, and am going to get a dvd from her soon.
    do you have any pics to share? I am learing how to use my camera right now. will have pics in about 2 weeks.
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