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  • Hiya, am OK thanks, rushed off my feet as ever LOL!!! No, Sonia hasn't been in hospital in Leeds; what's been going on there that is so bad? She has never been in hospital in Leeds as far as I know; she was in Pinderfields in Wakefield a few times, but not since August last year; she's back with Shrewsbury & Telford hospitals now...
    hi hun how r u doing ? saw ure comment on shout box how come ya moving shops ? .. hope you are well and busy with work take care xxx
    Hi Debbie, Got your email. Will keep an ear out if I hear of anyone looking. Are you still doing natural nails, shellac and minx?
    Hi Debbie
    Im doing well, just have to stop doing so many enhancements cos of my ever growing allergy list :( and just when I was finally getting to grips with them. Sucks!

    How are you doing? Have you been playing with Shellac?
    Hi there, thankyou for the comment on my photo! This is Gelish Sea Foam and is still on after 3 weeks. We will be taking it off tomorrow and changing to another colour as my client is bored with the colour now! Still in perfect condition, it is so exciting to have these products that just last and last. xxx
    Hi Debbie
    Havent seen you around here for a bit. Good to hear from you. Glad you managed to get the Shellac. I got mine a couple weeks ago. Ive been wearing it constantly, but my clients are more Minx fans at this time of year.

    How are you?
    Hi debbie...HTF are you these days...good hearing from everything going well for you ?
    congrats on passing your bridal hair and make up hun !!! get some pics on your website now xx
    Hi Debbie. I'm in town End July and most of August if you want to set up a practice session etc. x
    Yeah im up for it hun,
    im guessing you will want a bridal shot to target that market,
    if you do let me know so i can throw my wedding dress through the machine (if it still fits lol) if you can think of anything else that will be needed let me know as i have allsorts in the wardrobe that has never seen the light of day,
    and if you want to do a practise run before getting a photographer in let me know as it may save you lots of time on the acual day, hth xxx
    Hi love,
    happy new year,
    hope you are keeping well and your leg is healing nicely xxx
    You are so welcome, the first gift was thorntons chocs but they came back all mushy so, I decided to fool the postie and send something a little more robust!


    Thanks so much for my Secret Santa gift. I received it a couple of weeks ago, put it under the tree, then tonight I thought I'd better let you know I'd received it.
    I's blowing up a right storm here just now, and the thought of a mug of hot chocolate is a lovely one. MMmmmmmmm.
    Thanks again, and hope you have a lovely Christmas. Angela X
    Hi Debbie

    Quick msg to let you know I am headed back to the UK this weekend so get in touch if you still want to set up a couple of practice sessions in the near future.


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