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  • You are right Ditzy. So sorry to have made an error! If nothing it has atleast highlighted something that I should have been aware of x
    Hi Ditzy, I am sooooooo with you on the matter of not being listed with CND because I haven`t done a Maters course. I appreciate Master techs have invested money, time and effort to get there bu if they doubt our skills are they doubting their educators!!! They should be confident the educators have done a good job x
    Sorry for the very late reply to your VM, just uploading pictures of my home salon now. It's going really well, best move i ever made!
    Cool, let me know how you go, it's such a fab thing to do, I absolutely love it. Good luck.xx
    Hi Ditzy, im pretty near you, just wandering do you fine Urban tan is quite popular have you had good feed back from it? Always on the look out for a new solution to try!.x
    Thanks for your reply on my thread! I'd hate to be walking around all summer with a gammy toe!!! Ewwwww!!! xxx
    Hi there, ah thats a shame it would have been great to meet you! I had a 3 hour 1-2-1 with justine today, which was great so i feel a bit more prepared for the conversion! I hadnt put a tip on in 18 months! Hope you enjy your conversion in london!
    Yeah Johnny is pretty cute...but luvvvvvvvvvee Hugh Jackman now he is drop dead gorgeous...couldnt find a pic of him though....Im really looking forward to excel thank goodness Ive got my tickets sorted!
    well on the college price list it says for the night class it offers....acrylic/gel,silk/fibre, infills,maintance,nail art,mani pedi etc so i think in level 3 beauty they do the VTCT level 2 nail services so could be the same course but just allowing you to do jus nails instead of the whole units of level 2 beauty :)

    thanks for the reply hun well the nail services cover mani/pedi,acrylic,gel,silk/fibre,infills,maintance,nail art etc i cant think of all the rest that was on the list lol! i was thinking if i do the nail course once im earning abit of money i could do seperate beauty courses because i dont think i want to do the full side of beauty i want mainly to do facials,make-up,massage not sure about waxing lol
    its good that you can cover your tattoo also even though i wouldnt want to if it were me its a really good portrait :)

    hey hun how are you? could i ask you a question im wanting to do a VTCT level 2 beauty therapy course or VTCT level 2 nail services through my local college and i think ill have to pay if i cannot get funded soooo ive got to pick one of them which would you reccommed? as i could always do beauty courses for facials etc if i take the nails course im really confused on which would be best =( sorry its abit long hun...love your tattoo by the way!

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