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  • come back please. don't get upset or something that other people (3 of them mods) have said wasn't your fault.
    I'm having a really good Christmas businesswise :) I seem to be picking up more clients who want to be regular rather than 'one offs' so I'm a very happy bunny :lol:

    I did notice your post the other day about being refused to go on a 2 day week. What a bummer! It's so hard to change over to running your own business when it's your wage that puts food on the table and a roof over your head. I've been very fortunate to be able to start without that worry and working from home without all the salon overheads has been great. There's lots of threads on the biz section with geeks worried about paying their rent.

    Maybe some day you'll find an up and running business to take over so get saving the pennies in readiness :hug:
    Hi there - love the new avatar :) You always look so glam you make me feel like a right frump! I've been neglecting the geeks just lately 'cos I've been really busy so I've no idea what everyones been up to. How're you doing?
    Hi hun,
    Well, thank you so much. I wanted to go with a French shabby chich sort of theme. I'm so pleased that it turned out exactly how i imagined. Now all I have to do is fill the appointment book! Getting loads of good marketing advice from this website, so hopefully things will start to pick up!!
    Hey thanks for the comments I really love my salon and sometimes when you have one you dont get to appreciate it as its just the place you work - esp in times like these so its good to hear others comments as it re-focuses you so Thanks!
    Great pics - I can't beleive it's all over! I'm going to ring S2 just to hear an american voice lol! xxxx
    Nice to know the younger generation is still keeping mum on her toes :lol:
    Wait till she sees them on you - THEN she'll want them and you can say "Too late darling"!
    Did your daughter like her minx? You must take a piccie when they're done and put it on your profile for everyone to take a look. xx
    Hope you got home ok. Thanks to you and Kirsty for helping to make the weekend even more special for me. Such a shame we all live so far apart but I think someone might blackmail the two Sams into doing it all again next year. We can live in hope eh?

    Dont worry chick I ordered plenty thankfully so you will get your own badge. No need to make your own xxx see you at the weekend.
    hey :)...had to tell ya...I actually work as a Cliff tribute (strictly 1958 - 1968), i'll let ya know if I'm up your way
    Hiya hun, have you done your training with Justine yet? Ive got my skillbuilding booked for 2 October, just wanted to say thanks again for giving me her number. xx
    your web page is fab huni...I love those 'cheesecake' pics...where do you get them from? x
    hi I noticed you live in hampshire do you know any nail technicians or therapists looking for freindly salon to work in part time or full time
    Hi Ditzy, thanks for the reply :) I'm really looking forward to this, I went over to the one in Portsmouth on Tuesday to pay for it as they wanted to see me because I'm a new customer, but also I couldn't get it to go right on the ordering page on their site, it just kept taking me back round in circles! You are right, practise, practise, practise! I have a lot of women in my family and I've already told them to get ready to be guinea pigs, lol! x
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